DU - Depleted Uranium Shells

Flak - Flak Gun

SL - Slide Loader


OP OutPost

RG Resource Gatherer

WH Warehouses



ARB - Arbiter 

BB - Battle Barges

BC - BattleCruiser

BS - BattleShip

Cudas - Barracuda Submarine

Dics - Interdictor

DN/Dread - Dreadnought

DNX/Dread X - Dreadnought X

FF - Floating Fortress

FFA - Floating Fortress A

GB - Gun Boat

Goli/Toilet(s)Bog - Goliath

Below is a list of known terms that may be seen abbreviated during conversations


BPBattle Pirates or more recently Blue Prints

DPM Damage Per Minute

DPS Damage Per Second

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

HH - Hammerhead

HHA - Hammerhead A

HHB - Hammerhead B

Jug X(s) - Juggernaut X

Jug(s) - Juggernaut

LC - Light Cruiser

LCX - Light Cruiser

Levi - Leviathan

Levi A - Leviathan A

Longship - Longship

Mars/Mara - Marauder

MC - Missile Cruiser

MCX - Missile Cruiser X

Merc(s) - Mercury 

Pred- Predator Sub

Ram(s) - Rampart

SC - Strike Cruiser

SCX - Strike Cruiser X

SF - Super Fortress

Skirm - Skirmisher

Specs - Spectre Submarine

SS - Sea Scorpion

SSA - Sea Scorpion A

SW/Wolf - Seawolf

Vette - Corvette 


Armor - (Ship Special)

LA - Layer Armor

RA - Reactive Armor

AA - Ablative Armor

DU - Depleted Uranium

Tit - Titanium

Cut(s) - Cutlass Missile

Cut - Cutlass

D104 - Cryo Launcher

D30 - Impact cannon

D33 - Assault cannon

D35 - Siege Cannon

D51 - Strike Missile

D53 - Assault Missile

D55 - Siege Missile

D61 - Vortex Torpedoes

D63 - Assault Torpedoes

D65 - Siege Torpedoes

D71 - Shockwave Mortar

D73 - Assault Mortar

D75 - Siege Mortar

D91 - Firestorm Rocket

D92 - Impulse Launcher

D93 - Assault Rockets

D95 - Siege Rockets

DM, Dip or diplo - Diplomat Mortars

Hell/Hail - Anti Mortar

IL - Impulse Launcher

Mael(s) - Maelstrom Rocket

Phal - Phalanx Anti-Missile

PM - Peacemaker Mortars

Pose - Poseidon Depth Chargers

Rap(s) - Rapier Missiles

RC or Rip(s)= Ripper Cannons

Shock(s) - Shock Wave Mortars

Shred(s) - Shredder Cannon

Thud(s) - Thud Cannon


AL - Auto-Loader

Bat - Battery  

Cat - Caterpillar Drive

CM - Countermeasure

Concus - Concussive Warhead

CS - Cannon System

CW - Cluster Warhead

ERF - Electric Range Finder

ES - Explosive System

EU or Engine - Engine Upgrade

EW - Enhanced Warhead 

GS - Guidance Scrambler

HB - Harden Barrel

HE(s) - High Explosive Shells

LT - Laser Targeting

MS - Missile System

Nault - Nautilus

Range Finder - Electronic Range Finder

SFB - Solid Fuel Booster

SP - Sonar Pod

SS - Strike System or Speed System

Stealth - Stealth Attack System 

Thrusters - Thrusters

Base Weapon

Howi - Howitzer

Jav(s) - Javelins

Sent(s) - Sentinel Missile

Vic - Victory Mortar

Base Weapon Special

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