Are You Behind?  

This is how you can catch up and proof the game is a free game

Special thanks and credit to  Caleb Barker for his insight on getting back into the game after an extended absence. 

  1. Are you thinking about quitting?

  2. Are you behind and unable to do most things in the game?

  3. Are you a low level that wants to advance?

  4. Do you believe you need coins to stay up to date?

  5. Have you come back to the game and want to see how to get back to the top?

If  you answered yes to any of these, carry on reading

Here is my story and guide


As you can see with my profile I am a level 78 (as of this post) who has been playing for +- 5 years.

In my opinion Battle Pirates became to "Pay to win". I also had University and it was taking up too much time for me to keep up my studies and keep up with BP so I QUIT
... I quit for 18 months

 CAME BACK,  I came back during the April 2016 raid. I think there were 2 days left in the raid and I was in a different world from my alliance so I could get not help, Because of Kixeye's "re-addiction campaign " I got a fleet of 4 half ranked mastodons and a half ranked aegis. I did what I could in the raid and got the rhino's. The raid ended and I jumped to my alliance (yes they kept me in the alliance for the 2 years while I was not playing  - I love those guys)


First you will need a few things.

  1. Patience 

  2. A friend who is relatively up to date (or a good alliance)

  3. Goals!!! (reachable goals)

Notice there are no coins in the above list that being said, COINS HELP but are not necessary.


This is Battle Pirates things take time... don't be in a hurry in any aspect of the game, it can cause you to fall behind because of needless mistakes.
Take the time to do research before you build things before you take part in raids and TLC's. Let other people post videos on how best to approach the targets and builds and then you capitalize on the information provided.


Here are a few links to places I use for research and videos. Don't take the first thing you see as the best way to do  things, look for more posts and then make comparisons yourself.











Go to these pages become a member. These pages have so much help and information on them. Don't be afraid to ask questions (the mods are pretty good a removing troll posts and bad advice).

A Friend

In my case, I had a whole alliance. This is why an alliance is better, it is easier for 10 people to help 1 person then 1 person to help 1 person. It goes faster and it can lessen the burden on people's time and sometimes coins.

A big thanks to @USS_Piggyman who got me the Apollo when it came out, if not for him, I would not be where I am (more on this later)

A big thanks to @polyinc who helped me get to T4 in the FM until I could do it on my own (more on this later)
and a big thanks to the rest of my alliance who opened uranium for me so I could do my retrofits and R&D (more on this later)

I'd like the above to sink in. I would be nowhere if not for friends it is  EXTREMELY important.


Like in life, you need small goals. Obtainable goals to reach so you can see that you are progressing. You also need to prioritize things. This is how I did it and I am currently doing it in this order.

  1. Have a fleet that can do forsaken mission

  2. Have a fleet that can do the raid

  3. Have a fleet that can do uranium

  4. Base hitting fleet

  5. Have a base guard and have a fleet to do base parts

iI  am still working on a fleet for base parts

Some Rules I Play By

  1. Don't do to others what you don't want done to you... don't steal during raids... don't hit when someone is doing their campaign... don't sink fleet/ hit basses during raid or vxp weekend. The reason for this is you are catching up if someone does it to you while you are doing one of the above, you get put behind or have to spend more coin.

  2. Don't refit! It wastes valuable shipyard  time. For example, we have Fire Twister torps on our HW , Kix then releases the Mayhem Torp that do a tiny bit more damage so you refit them...WHY?? The HW works. Why waste time changing them? You could have built a whole other ship in the time you used to refit and if you are reading this, you know you need that other ship

  3. Make friends and ask for help! but don't use people (more on this later)

Tips, Tricks And Other Information

Once USS_Piggyman help me get the Apollo, I did not need to coin in raids and could do the A sets for free, In the hull raid with the Apollos, I managed 182mill points for no coins, Ido sometimes spend 10-15 coins during a raid if I mess up or am in a hurry or need to do work for university or something like that. As you know Apollos can currently do uranium to so I had No.2 and 3 checked off my goal list. I could then begin to work on the rest.

A big thing players need to realize is the game has changed. It is not the game it was 1 year ago or even 5 years ago. You need to adapt, these changes are good. Imagine if we were still hitting the below targets. How boring would the game be?

(google image)

Number Of Ships Needed to Complete A Task

As I said the game is changing and we need to change with it. That being said  YOU DON'T NEED TO BUILD FULL FLEETS OF SHIPS. The Apollo raid cycle I did with 2 Apollos. The current raid cycle I do with 2 HW. It is a waste of time to build more. There are other things you need, Get over the idea that you need 5 ships in a fleet.


If you are fortunate enough to be able to buy coins and you know it is costing the other person helping you coins, buy them coins. Even if you can only afford to give them 50 coins and it cost them 200 to help you, it shows the person helping you that you are thankful and you are willing to help them help you. Those 50 coins are way better spent on them than you (they get spent on you in the end anyway). If they are helping you and its costing them 0 coins don't hesitate to give them the 50 coins anyway. It is theie time they are spending on bettering your game and in the end it will probably be spent on you anyway

If you have coins.


Don't buy base parts
Don't buy shards
Don't buy uranium
Don't buy build tokens for ships you don't have

If you going to do silly things like the above, its is better to give your coins to the people helping you.

Use your coins  for build tokens for ships that you own and intend to build

Other Useful Sites

                                                  Build your ships, test your specials and see what does what



                                                  Mine spawn timers, TLC timers and a few other useful calculators.


As of this post, the next raid is a hull raid. If they release the new hull which is specifically designed to do the next raid cycle GET IT! If that is all you can get, GET IT! Build 2 shells so you can get them out for the VXP weekend and get them ranked to legend * Very important * . You are then set for the next raid cycle and will no longer require help

Once you no longer require help, get everything you can in the raid. All specials, all weapons even, if they old and not useful. Older tech may pop up in the FM and may interfere with you getting the build tokens.

If you can, get the build tokens in the raid. Never pass up that opportunity

If you are being helped in the raid, don't be greedy. Get the new ship, weapon, special and build tokens then stop. Let your friends help other people.

Advice And Friendliness 

If someone kills your fleet or flattens your base don't call them a hacker... if they won, tell them nice battle and ask for advice, like what is wrong with your base what's on your ship. That way you don't piss them off so they probably won't hit you again and you might even make a friend and learn something.

Don't look at there level and be like "I'm a level 90 I'm not going to listen to a level 65". You are shooting yourself in the foot, clearly they know something you don't, why not learn from it?

This is a pirate game some people are going to be A.holes just smile at them and say thank you  

Forsaken Mission

I know people are going to hate me for this but I don't care.  

Anyone who tells you you have to finish a target is an a player that can do whole 109 it is frustrating to try and find one that is not half done. I get it. People who are now angry at me but so what.

If you can only do 1 platform in a 109, you go do 1 platform. Ignore the rest of the people,  they are going to moan no matter what. if you leave the 109s you will be posting I'm quitting posts on the forums and if you half doing them people going to moan about people only dong part of the 109.


If you are able to do the whole 109, do the whole thing.

For now here is a video of me helping a friend who quit for 1 year. I get him to tier 5 twice. This is just one run. He is using dreads with 2 siege mortar, 3 shockwaves and 3 anti-morts.

While I use my pun tank to soak up all the damage he gets +- 70mill points and I get 1h40-2h25 repair and then we do it again.

Please take note, all my specials and armors are at R15

Retros And Builds

Never stop retrofitting but always retrofit something that you are currently using like engines or an armor and so on

When people post builds most of them are at r15. Just because you don't have yours at r15, it does not mean you should not use the build. Yes, retros make a difference. Once you retro yours your ship will get better 

I like to retro "useful things"  and by that i mean 

Say the new raid cycle starts and you build a ship specifically for it you have:

  • Specials

  • Weapons

  • Armors

You look at the build on huggy's and think to yourself, if I had to retrofit one of the thing on this hull, which would give me the greatest benefit?

If you retro a special which can help other ships, cool, that's a bonus

I retro what is important now... I'm building a fleet, what do I need to retro to use this fleet at its maximum potential

A good thing to have at r15 is compound Engine systems

The reason I say use Huggy's, is you can play around with retros in there. I found for me on my HW, I only needed to take my concussive systems to r10 because at r15 will only give me a tiny bit of extra damage and 1 sec extra dive time. To me that was not worth 5 days of retros

Build Tokens

Build Tokens make a HUGE difference and there are ways to obtain them for free. They are available mainly in the FM and raids. It's almost like having a second ship yard.  Strive towards getting the tokens. This is why a FM fleet is on the top of my goals list. Once you have all the prizes in the FM, you can get about 10 days of tokens every weak

VXP Weekends

Don't just go suicide your ships....test them first. The latest VXP weekend featured a 99 and a 114 target. I sent a hammerhead into each of them and suicide and found I got 500 more VXP from the 99

I also found that ranking my valiant in the 80's was way cheaper. I did 3 fleets of the 80s and went from rank 0 to legendary and my ship only had 1h damage on it 

Test things out, don't just run in blindly and be a sheep. Alliances and friends are good for this. Someone is most likely gong to test it out and tell the alliance. If you are not in an Alliance, you don't get this type of information


Flagship Hulls

As someone catching up you need to think long and hard about these they are all useful, BUT! they are not all useful to you! They could even set you back

I have many of the flagship hulls but have only built 2.... it is the only 2 I have deemed useful to me. The phantom cuda (before the Harlock's Tide Seeker came out), and the Harlock's Citadel 

Harlock's Citadel is good for base defense and great for the FM.  1 volley of mortars and it kills a whole platform. This to me was worth 25d of building. The rest of the flagship hulls are not useful to me. Why build phantom subs if the Harlock's Tideseeker is out there. Why build the Harlock's Tideseeker when people now just leave there subs in the base and if you are in an alli, someone has probably built one already and can watch your back . It's 25 days of build for nothing... there are other things you can do with those 25 days (you know you need them).

I have the zoe apollo but my 4 apollos work just fine, so why waste 25day to build a zoe apollo? You see what I'm getting at?

Time Limited Campaigns (TLC) 

These are useful for obtain new tech and build tokens but they can be coin traps too.... if you are on the 1 prize pack on the 1st encounter and you already have to coin your fleet... STOP ... you are wasting money just because you spent coins it does not mean you need to spend more to finish it, it just gets harder, and more expensive as you go.

With the right tech and good driving you can do them for free, I do... again this comes down to one of your tools Patience.  Wait until you have the right tech or wait a day or so until someone does it for cheap and makes a video about it, then do it.

Let's say you are able do the TLC. whooo new hull!!! lets build it!!! !!!NO!!! Take a step back.... ask "is this hull going to help with my current goals, is it going to help with what is important now"?  Yes? Then go ahead and build them! No? Did they give you build tokens? If you earned tokens, then quickly build 1 or 2 using the tokens. Try not let it interrupt your goals for more than 2 days. Most of the time they give enough tokens to build about 2. If they did not give tokens wait until you need the hull or can get tokens. 


In Closing 

Forsaken mission! (build tokens)
Forsaken mission! (build tokens)
Forsaken mission! (build tokens)

Earlier I said don use people... I was helped to get to where I am and now I am helping others to get to where I am. Please pay it back if every one progresses, the whole game does. It makes it fun for everyone

If you have any questions please ask.

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