Oct 2016

Just showing how some small changes in base made a big difference, especially against Furies. I added 2 D33-DR to the Gamma, one lockdown rocket on the 2nd Vanq, the Retribution, and the Vendetta.

Nov 2016

Three different hits, with different fleets and tactics. Two failed, one succeeded, using a very cool prep tactic. First hit already using the Malice as a spotter/tank. Enjoy!

Build Ballistic Ships for Base Defense

Valiant? Malice? Gamma Behemoth? Punisher? YES, we have them all! 
*** Dec 2016 update: Hammer Cannon and Drum Reloader special are worth considering in base defense, and are not included in the video, as they were released a month after it was recorded.
Most bases could use a solid ballistic defender, they're so good at stopping so many Conquerors on their tracks. Here are a few key ideas on how to build one - specials, weapons, armor, some key differences between the options available, there's really not a single right answer, but a few combos just work great, learn how to build them! If you just want the summary, go to 17:18 mark, and watch it from there.

Valiants to defend against Prides

The Valiant is a very useful ship to have in your base guard, if Prides are just walking in. In this short video, you'll see two similar hits on my base, one where the Valiant guard is in, then one without it (a cannon Malice stands in its place). It's night and day. Valiant builds at the end, two options.


Kickass Vendetta for Base Guard

How to build a solid Vendetta (ZVen, HCit, Cit) base guard to help you defend your base. Same concepts apply to Zoe Vendetta, Harlock Citadel, or Citadels. I walk thru weapon, special, and armor choices, reasons behind it, when to pick different options, depending on what breaks your base.

Includes a quick overview of how it interacts with your base, some turrets, tactical modules, and other factors that make this works. Remember, a ship in your guard has to work as part of a complete strategy, never in a vacuum.
I start with top choices, but alternative, more available options are discussed. Enjoy!

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