Profile and Player Information Section


At the top left is where is your base profile. Here your Avatar, base level, medal count and coin amount is displayed. This information is updated real time. 

Your level is based upon experience points, you gain points by attacking, defending, researching, and building.  Each activity within the game generates experience points. As you reach specific levels of experience points, your base level increases. 

Your medal count is based on individual base attacks, from defending your own base or hitting other bases. Medals are awarded based on how your base performs or , how your fleet performs against other bases. 

Coin is paid currency. Coin is used to purchase speed ups in the game. 

You also have a Skirmisher Dominance Tab

  • If you complete each task within the Skirmish Dominance Tab you will gain rewards

  • You will also learm about the game on what parts of the base are for what

In Game Navigation


The top right menu bar  contains the icons for the Foundry, Arena, Campaigns, Alliance information, Fleets, and World Map.


Under the icons is the Command Center. The Command Center contains quick links. 



Bottom right shows how much of each resource you currently have, along with uranium and base parts and tokens. Resources you use are oil, metal, energy, and zynthium. (Known as res in sector and alliance communications) Used for everything in your base, it is a good habit to keep your levels at max. To find your maximum amount you can have, hover your mouse over the bar. Uranium, base parts, and tokens we will talk about later. 

  • Shipyard - Build new ships ore refit (change) current ships

  • Storage - Store ships (Ships mus be at full health to place in storage)  

  • Build - Menu to build new resource collectors and other important buildings 

  • Base Planner - Redesign your base and move items around 

  • Base Relocate - Move your base to another sector or world 

  • Playback - Replay missed or old base attacks on your base 

  • Great Hall- Place to recruit Rogue Crews and Officers 

  • Weapons Lab - Research new weapons and rockets 

  • Naval Lab - Research new ships and Armors 

  • Store- Purchase Gold, Tokens, Resources and Ship Skins (Note some of these items may require gold to purchase) 

Communication  Panes


At the bottom left is sector and alliance communications. This is where you can talk to other players playing the game in real time.

When you have enough resources you can now upgrade your Outpost to level 2. 

The best way to collect resources is to attack cargo fleets on the world map. Cargo fleets carry resources and are ranked based upon their difficulty, the higher the harder. To attack a cargo fleet, you must first launch a fleet. Go to your Dock and select your fleet and then select launch.  The video below demonstrates launching and attacking a cargo fleet.

Dock-where your fleets/ships are stored and launched 

Weapons lab-lab to research Ship/Base weapons and Rockets

War Academy- upgrade to unlock more fleet space in your dock 

  • Zynthium Refinery-a resource generator  to generate zynthium

  • Metal Foundry -a resource generator  to generate metal

The first thing you will want to upgrade are the Resource Generators to level 3. The Resource Generators are especially important to lower players because they offer resources at a constant rate.

Naval Lab-lab to research new hulls (Ships), Ship/Base Armor

  • Oil Rig-a resource generator  to generate oil 

  • Wind Turbine-a resource generator  to generate energy 

After upgrading your Resource Generators upgrade your Naval Lab, Weapons Lab, Dock, and War Academy.

Using the Free Speed ups as long as the item is under 5 minutes

 Beginners Introduction Guide  - Part 1 

When you first load up the game, you are welcomed into the world of Battle Pirates with the below pop up

Once you have clicked on Bring It,  follow the small tutorial. Once you have completed the tutorial you can now begin progressing through the game. 

Below is what your base looks like when you start playing Battle Pirates

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