When you first start playing you begin the game with a 7 day "bubble" over your base.  You can see this bubble by going to the map view. This bubble protects your base and prevents other Pirates from attacking your base. Think of it as a shield that prevents others from attacking you.  If you attack another player's base  you loose this protection. It is recommended that you keep this protection for the 7 days to allow yourself to become familiar with the game and perform some of the basic tasks necessary to get a head start before you deal with attacks from other Pirates. For the first few days you have a lot to focus on. You want to spend this time upgrading your Outpost, Research Labs and Dock.  First you should build your research buildings and begin to upgrade them immediately

  • Naval Lab should be upgraded to research Marauder.

  • Upgrade Advanced lab and research engine upgrade one for your marauders.

  • Weapons lab should be upgraded and research thud cannon 4 and cutlass missile 1.


It is important to note that not a lot of time should be spent researching or building any other ships as these three builds will be sufficient for now and we will win hulls to build in the meantime. Take a look at your mission button, on the left side of the screen. Complete as many missions as you can until they are no longer easy to accomplish.


  • Naval Lab: Upgrade your Ship Armor and different Ship hulls here.

  • Weapons Lab: Upgrade your ship weapons, base turret weapons and rockets here.

  • Advanced Lab: Upgrade your specials here, used for gaining extra ship speed, missile range, splash damage and such.

  • Dock: You can use 5 ships in each of your fleets. Upgrade your dock to allow more total weight in each of your fleets

  • Shipyard: Manufacture new ships here. Eventually you'll be able to upgrade it for easier ship building.


Upgrade everything that is less than a day build as soon as possible. 
Always have something researching in every possible building. Never let your shipyard, weapons lab, naval lab, or advanced lab sit idle. Cue the short upgrades when you have time to sit there, and cue long ones while you sleep or before work/school. This will give you a sharp edge on the competition.

Gathering Resources

The salvages (random floating cargo fleets with resource crates) will be your main way of getting resources. The preferred level cargo at low levels will be from level 1-7 cargo. Thud marauders can take level 4 salvage’s without too much problem. This is a good way to be a self-sufficient pirate, to keep your researches moving. The 4 types of resources are Oil, Metal, Energy and Zynthium. They will all be useful in the beginning but as you progress through the game you will see that metal and energy or the most valuable resources. You can get resources from your producers you should get them all up to level 3 after 14 days have past but don’t spend too much time on them since they don’t produce quickly (not needed at higher levels),. Another good thing to do is to start chatting on the comms and talk with some of the higher ranked players, and some will capture the higher level mines like level 71,51,40,31,23,17 and 12 for you to use. 


But when you are able to hit cargo 17+ you should open your own to obtain blueprints and not let others open the cargo for you, even though this may seem like they are helping you. You do not want to reach level 50 and have only cutlass and ripper forsaken tech fleets. The draconian weapons and Armor gained through completing blueprints are far superior to the standard forsaken technology gained by researching in the base labs.


  • Tier 1 you can get from Salvage Level 17-23

  • Tier 2 you can get from Salvage Level 29-37 &  Elite Fleets: 29,37

  • Tier 3 you can get from Salvage Level 40+ & Elite Fleets: 45,55,65,75


Base Attacking

Base attacking is not something you want to rush, it will rather make you a powerful player or tare you to pieces making you want to quit, which many players make the mistake of. For the first 2 weeks unless they attack first. You will be able to attack bases +5 or -5 levels of your level, the smart thing to do is to attacker lower level players then higher level players, unless you want a challenge which you know you can succeed at then feel free to attack higher level players. As stated above you will find that mortars are the best weapon for attack, at low levels it will be easier to stop your ships and pick off towers one by one unless they are victory mortar towers. In that case you will want to charge the victory mortars. When you start building bigger ships the main special you should have is Reactive Armor. Base attacking is the quickest way to get resources but be careful on who you attack, you’ll want to ask on the comms the cords or location of your sector to not attack in, most sectors have alliance that don’t put up with in-sector attacking, and they will come for you if they find out you are doing that.

Fleet Attacking

For fleet attacking it all depends on your weapons on your ships, if you have rippers or thuds you will want to charge the enemy ships, with missiles or rockets you will want to circle ships with mortars, and then just stay out of range of the ships with thuds and rippers. If you are using mortars on fleet attacking run like hell if the enemy ships have rockets, cuts, rippers, or thuds. If the enemy has mortars then just go around the side you will take damage but not as much as the enemy sitting still. Try not to let your fleet’s battle without being controlled by yourself unless you are attacking a mine or salvage that you know you can easily kill, but when you attack another online player you will want to manually control your fleet for sure.

Beginners Introduction Guide  - Part 2

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