Bounty Overview and FAQ

What is Bounty?  

The Bounty Season is a PVP Event that allows players to hit other player bases and steal their bounty to redeem for prizes at the end of the season.


You can click this link to see the overview notes from Kixeye.


You can click this link to see the Kixeye Video overview. 



Key Points and answers to some player questions



Players must opt in for the season. Once opted in you are committed to the season. You will need to opt in for each season of Bounty. Currently they are looking at running Bounty once a month.

Bounty participants are indicated by a Diamond icon next to their base. The brighter the icon, the more Bounty available to you. You can locate participating players that are ready to be hit by the new Bounty Locator option.  The locator will only show players that have more Bounty than you and are not in a bubble. 

Players can steal Bounty from other players by attacking their bases and killing their opponents Outpost. You do not get any Bounty if you do not completely destroy your opponents Out Post.

Players can also generate Bounty using their Outpost. Once you opt in you can upgrade your Bounty generation capabilities using resources and Uranium. These upgrades are instant and also include temporary base defense increases for the season. These base defense increases are removed once the Bounty season is finished. 

Types of Bounty


There are two types of Bounty. Secured and Unsecured. 

Unsecured Bounty can be stolen by another player. Players can only steal up to 20% of another eligible Players Bounty by destroying their Outpost. 

If you do not destroy the outpost you do not win any Bounty from your opponent.

You may lose Bounty if you fail in the base attack. The total amount of lost Bounty is not awarded to your opponent. This prevents players from passing Bounty to another player. 

If you use multiple fleets to prep a base you may lose Bounty during these preps. Choose your fleets wisely. 

An eligible player is a player that is participating in the Bounty season and has more Bounty than you do and is not in a bubble.

Secured Bounty cannot be stolen by another player. You are essentially banking this Bounty amount to redeem at the end of the season. 


Players can secure their Bounty by reaching certain checkpoints throughout the day. There are three checkpoints each day.  


As you reach a checkpoint a certain amount of your Bounty is moved from Unsecured to Secured Bounty. This protects the Bounty until the end of the season.  


As you reach a checkpoint and secure your Bounty you are also awarded prizes.

You want to secure as much Bounty as quickly as possible. This protects your Bounty from other players stealing your Bounty.

Bubble Protection


If a player opts into the Bounty season and they have a bubble when they opt in this bubble protection is immediately removed.


You cannot purchase Bubble Protection if you are participating in the Bounty Season.


Bubble Protection time is reduced to 4 hours for Bounty Participants. Your shipyard is not affected by Bounty . Kix has confirmed the shipyard will continue to build even if your base is flat. 

Your base does not generate Bounty while you are under Bubble protection ( Your base will generate Bounty if the OP is destroyed but you are not bubbled. 

Conqueror Repair Queue

You can repair a Conqueror fleet at the same time you are repairing a regular fleet. This extra repair queue is only for Conqueror fleets and is only available to Bounty participants.  You cannot repair a regular fleet in the special Conqueror Repair Queue.

Player Attacks

You cannot attack a member of your Alliance.

The player you attack does not need to be in an Alliance to steal Bounty from them.

You can only steal Bounty from a Bounty Participant that has more unsecured Bounty than you. 

You must completely destroy the Outpost to steal Bounty. You can steal 20% of the avaiable Bounty from a player regardless of the amount of damage that is dealt. The key is to destroy the Outpost. 

If you attack a player with a destroyed Outpost from a previous attack you will not receive any Bounty.

If you attack a player that is not participating (or has less unsecured Bounty than you) medals and resources would be awarded as normal. 

Bounty Store

At the end of the season you can redeem your Secured and Unsecured Bounty in the Bounty store. The store will be open for a specific time period after the event. 

You cannot save Bounty for the next event. Any Bounty not spent will be removed at the end of the redemption period. 

There are limited redeems for specific Items.  


There is a single Courage package and a double Courage Package Bounty Prize Package.  You are only allowed a maximum of 2 Courage Hull blueprints. If you purchase the single limited Courage hull package you cannot purchase another single package,  you also cannot purchase the double package as the max amount of Courage BP's is 2.  Pay attention when redeeming prizes.

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