A collection of videos from Renato to help you understand game mechanics

Stun Slow and Tactical Fields 

Sept 2018

Dead Sinner

Understand the specifics of Stun, Slow, and Field effects, how to cause them, and how to defend against them.

Understanding Passthrough Damage

March 2018

Dead Sinner

Understand pass-thru damage, how to use it in your favour. It's here to stay, it's important, and if you don't get it, you'll be smashed over and over again. This video has good examples of DOs and DON'Ts, and a decent Boulderfist guard for your base. Enjoy!


How Resistance Stacks

Nov 2017

Dead Sinner

5min - How Does Resistance Work in BP? Why is it that 30% +70% does NOT equal 100%? How do I calculate it then? Well, here's how.

How Ship Defense Works

April 2017

Dead Sinner

Ever gotten confused trying to understand deflection and resistance? Uncertain of how Charged Armor works? Puzzled by Defense Handicap? When to use Splash Damage Reduction? All these questions, and quite a few others, explained in this video. Everything about ship defense is here, except for the Gluttony field. Enjoy!

Spread and Splash

Feb 2017

Dead Sinner

Understand how spread and splash work together in Battle Pirates, and how you can take advantage of it, and modify it, to your needs, using specials, ships, and crews.

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