Captain's Academy Beginner Guide

The Foundry

The Foundry system is a way for players to earn hulls and hull upgrades by researching over time and crafting hulls

Forsaken Mission

If you want a fleet build for the Forsaken Mission or help for the Forsaken Mission, you need to know the basics first. I talk about the Prize Pool structure in the Forsaken Mission, and how you get ship build tokens. 

Complete Forsaken Missions and earn more powerful weapons, ships and specials!


Monthly raids. What they are, when they happen, and how the cycle works. 

You will find help and info for each monthly raid from our website.

Hull Classes

The hull class system in Battle Pirates explained! Do you ever wonder what ship to use? This video guide will show you, along with simple to follow graphics to make it easier. This video covers the hull class system, and well as the tier system. This explains why *need* to take a certain class of ships into a specific target.

You will find many ship builds from the Battle Pirate community from our website.

                Click on the Foundry button to the left, for a more detail.

                          Click on the Forsaken Mission button to the left, for a more detail.

Click the right Button for the full

FM prize list

In this episode of Captain's Academy I explain Secor Threat, what all those colors Teal, Yellow, Orange, mean. This video will help you realize why you are only getting a small payout of Uranium, or what the level 100 Elite Salvages are doing on that map and why they give out Sector Threat Points. I


f you are looking for Tideseeker builds you can find some here:

Sector Threat

Time Limited Campaigns

In this episode of Captain's Academy I break down time limited campaigns [TLCs]. I explain Prize Packs and Encounters. Useful video if you are coming back to the game after a break.

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