Fleet setups recommended by The Forsaken Council Team

Dec 2016

Dead Sinner -  Centurions

Published on 22 Dec 2016

Quick tutorial for a simple, yet effective, Centurion build. If you have the Canoneer, or think you'll get the Ironclad, you shouldn't be building Centurions now, and they're only the tier 4 Siege hull, good for grinding raid hitting lvl50s on map. This build uses technology available in FM, and in last raid (Dec'16). 


TSM-  Centurions build for January Raid


TSM-  Centurions build for January Raid

TSM-  Centurions build for January Raid



Stumanlivo -  Centurions build with High-Landers NC R5 lead for drac base parts


Kal_Jericho building this fleet for Mines and possibly DUBs the flag is interchangable between Omega Moth and HNC for optimising between targets. DMBs are its primary but i hope it will do well in DUBs even without Explosive resist will let you know how it goes as its under construction atm​


Stu Gems's Centurions build, kicks ass against DUBs

Centurions with PACs, completely optimized to defeat new Draconian Mining Bases (DMBs), this fleet can do a lvl90 mine for under 30min repair. Very low explosive/penetrative resistances, so not very good at anything else, unless you rebalance it.



Centurions with Arbalest and siege cannons, for DMBs, but balanced to do raid targets as well, with room for a flag/CM/spotter ship. It was put together assuming you don't get the weapon.

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