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Bounty - Something for everyone!!  

Only the filthy mega coiners will get anything!!

My base sucks!!

I don't have any good fleets!!

I am going to get farmed!!

I wont win any prizes!!

Kix Coin Grab!!

Sound familiar?  


Not so fast my fellow Pirate.  There is something for everyone in the Bounty season. You do NOT have to be a mega coiner or have a level 500 base or a fully ranked fleet of Rages decked out with flames on the side to be able to earn something from the Bounty store.

I am not going to go over the Bounty and how it works,  you can check that out here   


The official Kixeye release notes are here 

Fist off,  Bounty is NOT the Arena, Players cannot "tank" down to a lower level like they did in the arena so they could beat up on lower level players.  You don't have to finish in the top 00000000.1% to get a prize,. There are prizes available to everyone in the Bounty Store. There are low cost Prizes as well. 

So how is a low or mid level pirate going to be able to compete against the level 500 pirate with his nitro charged Rage fleet? It is easy, he does not have to compete against that Pirate at all.   The Bounty is based on how much Bounty a player has. It is not based on Player Base level or Sectors or Worlds. It all revolves around Bounty Amount.   You can be a level 50 Pirate with lots of Bounty and you can be a level 129 Pirate with not so much Bounty.  Bounty is won (or lost) by hitting other players with more Bounty than you. It is all tied to the Unsecured (available to steal) Bounty. 

Kix has worked hard at including checks and balances with the Bounty functionality.  They may not have accounted for every possible scenario but they have done a pretty good job so that everyone, no matter what level of base or fleet,  can benefit from the Bounty Season.

You can generate bounty in your base without having to attack other bases.

You generate Bounty with your OP throughout the day - Note: While your base has a bubble you cannot generate Bounty

You still bank your Bounty when you reach checkpoints even if you have not hit any bases

When you reach specific checkpoints you are awarded additional prizes.....all by just generating Bounty. 



A player can only only gain Bounty from a player that has more unsecured Bounty than him

A player that has more unsecured Bounty than you will not be able to gain any Bounty from you.


If you are a level 60 Pirate and there is a level 100 Bounty player that has more Bounty than you he cannot gain any from hitting you ( but you can from him if you are feeling frisky).  You are not worth anything to these higher Bounty Players. You cannot be constantly farmed for Bounty by high level players unless you have a higher Bounty amount than they do.   

Initially everyone is seeded with a certain amount of Bounty.  Once players start attacking Bounty moves around based on successful base attacks by players.  You may not have a perfect base or perfect fleets, but you can still gain bounty from other players, even if they are lower in base level than you.  Base level means nothing in this event. It is all about the amount of Bounty out there to steal.  If you are a level 100 non coiner with not the greatest fleets, go out and hit the level 80 base if he has more Bounty than you. 

Don't write off the event before you try it. There are no real negatives to this. Your ship builds will not be delayed by base hits during bounty.  You don't have to coin, you can still do other in game targets,  you have an extra repair queue for Conqueror fleets so you don't interfere with regular activity fleet repairs and who knows, you might actually get enough Bounty to get some good tech. 


If you don't enjoy the event you do not have to opt into the next one.  

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