High Tide 

Prize Pack 1

Deadsinner - Published on 1 Nov 2016

High Tide Campaign playthru, prize pack 1: Tideseeker, Cryonic Depth Charge, and 4d Tideseeker ship build token. I tried 1st encounter with 4 MCX, just for fun, they did it, but died in the process. Then I used 3 Rhinos, 1 Haegis (optional), and 1 Draconian Carrier as a tank - it could be a Heavy Cruiser, or a Punisher. They did encounters 2-3, then tank needed repair (80min or 3 coins), battled encounter #4, and repaired (92min or 3 coins).

Prize Pack 2

Deadsinner - Published on 2 Nov 2016

High Tide TLC Prize Pack 2 for free, using more than one fleet, no crews, and how to build Tideseeker with Pack 2 tech only (call it intermediate version). If you don't have multiple tanks, or 2 fleets, you can slow repair, as you have 3h to complete this prize pack.

**Encounters #1 to #5 are same as prize pack 1 - first 4min of video


**Skip to 04:10 if you want to see just the last encounter **Skip to 05:03 if you just want ideas for a good Tideseeker build using technology from pack 2 and other commonly available components.

Prize Pack 3

Deadsinner - Published on 3 Nov 2016

High Tide TLC, Prize Pack 3, FOR FREE (short video, 4min, just encounters 6 and 7) Fleet 1: Savage Kodiak + 3 Apollos - build is just after encounter #6 Fleet 2: 1 Apollo as spotter, 3-4 Citadels - Vendettas would work as well Crew: Bullseye Brigade - must have, or you'll have to coin repairs


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