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Deadsinner - Published on 26 Feb 2017

8min - All 7 battles, for free. Including tips and tricks, and ship builds for Punisher and Tideseeker tanks, Citadels and Harlock Citadel.
Battle #5 done with 1 Retribution and Spites, builds included.
Battle #7 with Pride and Vendettas, builds included. If you don't have a Pride, use Spite or Malice.

Prize Pack 1

Rob Carmody - Published on 22 Feb 2017

9nines - Published on 22 Feb 2017

So guys and gals this is my first run through the mastery runs of Homeland.Now I hate to spoil a good ending but I ran out of pinches and I need a better tank for the last base hit but in about 30hrs I will be ready to throw myself at it again with a low build time pride. So it is doable with novas as you see since im overnighting them and the malice is from my guard while I used tokens to build those vends.

DerpyTheCow - Published on 22 Feb 2017

I take in 7 different ships to the Homeland TLC. I used a Punisher, Harlock's Citadel, Spites, Malice, and Vendettas. Builds will be shown in PP2 and PP3 videos.

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