This video explains all the basic concepts you need to know so you can prepare your base to better defend against the revenge ship. It's not meant to be exhaustive, and have every possible trick in the books, but gives you the most important pointers. Some equipment is needed to execute some steps, but some steps are 100% about strategy.

Vendettas & Revenges

July 2016 - A few months ago, I published a vid about defending against Revenges. This is an updated video, showing how to improve your base against BOTH Revenges and Vendettas. Which turrets to use, how to cover your base, which ships to place in guard. In the end, there's a hit on my base, done with a fleet of 5 Vendettas, showing how defense works. Thanks Peckerhead, for doing the hit, and thanks Don B., aka Gixxer, for the original base layout months ago - I've changed it quite a bit, but still based off of yours!

Again, I think all top players have this puzzled solved already, this video is there to help those still struggling. If you don't have all the tech, remember, it's a journey, so take some steps, and move from being easily wiped everytime, to 

at least hurting the attacker, to winning some, to winning most battles, and have fun along the way! Most tech can be obtained from FM and campaigns, some from hitting DUBs or Drac Bases. August is a hull raid, a chance to get a defense hull, or a Punisher, or a thermal ship.

Don't focus on copying the base layout, as it won't work unless you can replicate exactly all turrets and ships. Instead, adapt the principles to your own layout. I don't post base layout, and exact configuration of each ship and turret on purpose, so you can come up with your own, using the tech you have.

Vanquisher or two

Where I discuss options to be used in the new defender ship, the Vanquisher, the trade-offs, and the reason behind my choices. Your choices can be different than mine, based on your base layout, how many Vanqs you build, and what you have available to use.
EDIT: It was brought to my attention the field generated by the Vanquisher affects its own resonance capacitor, so even if you only build 1, it's worth using the capacitor. Thanks Lucas, for pointing it out!

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