Building Ironclads [aka Let's kill some Scourge!!]

Published on 6 Jan 2017

Where we discuss 4-5 good builds for the Ironclad, for all sorts of technology levels, to kill Scourge in the next three raids, and to kill Mines for base parts. A final 'best' build will be determined after the preview, but all of the suggestions here will work decently.

Let's Build Centurions!

Published on 22 Dec 2016

Quick tutorial for a simple, yet effective, Centurion build. If you have the Canoneer, or think you'll get the Ironclad, you shouldn't be building Centurions now, and they're only the tier 4 Siege hull, good for grinding raid hitting lvl50s on map. This build uses technology available in FM, and in last raid (Dec'16). 

How to build Zelos or Punisher tanks for Forsaken Mission [Dec 2016]

Published on 23 Dec 2016

7min tutorial on how to build Punisher or Zelos tanks for Forsaken Mission. The Puns can tank 2x 109s before docking, the Zelos should be able to tank 3 of them.

Building Empyrean and Zelos tank for April's raid [early build]

Published on 15 Mar 2017

16min - Here's why I'm picking this combo as my go to setup for April's raid. It can be redeemed with 30M pts in March, I already have the Zelos almost all done, and the Empyrean is really solid. I expect to do well in T5 with it, but probably not in T6 - we'll see.

Once we have access to targets and can test the build, I'll release an updated version of this video - but I'm building this setup as soon as I redeem the Empyrean. It will do a lot better than Citadels, especially for being fast, and having an aura that buffs the Zelos tank from a good distance.

Building Icebreakers [Partial build until we see the targets]

Published on 17 Mar 2017

This is not a full build - too many unknown variables, above all, we haven't seen the targets for April's raid. The hull itself gives us some clues, and this is a 10d build, as is. Get it done, if you're building Icebreakers, then just add the missing specials and armors once we have more info.

Let's Build an ICEBREAKER 

Published on 20 Aug 2017

I run through how to build an Icebreaker fleet. I don't just give you a build, I show you how to do it. If you don't have the tech, I show you replacement tech. This will leave you with a solid Icebreaker build, perfect for any player wanting to use the Icebreaker to hit the Forsaken Mission or other Garrison Targets.

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