Forsaken Mission Tier 4

TFC - Recommended Build

This Video is intended for those players that are unable to hit Tier 4 as they do not have the recommended hulls (Zelos, Cits, Monos, IB).
The fleet used is the same fleet that was able to do the FM last cycle.
Just remember if you are using puns to do the FM build the Zelos as your tank and Cits or Empyrean once you have obtained the blueprints so that you can move on to gain Tier 5

Detailed hit of the level 88 Forsaken Mission target. I use my Punisher tank and 4 Citadel mortar hulls (with optional Harlock's Citadel). I show tips and tricks in this hit, as well as the target path and builds. This path takes no damage from the Legion ships, and none from the arc missiles. If you do this right, you'll take zero damage, and if not probably instant repair.

4 x Punishers

Punisher + Citadels

Zelos + 3x Citadels

Zelos tank with three Citadels. No Harlock Citadel. 

Zelos + 4x Citadels

Zelos tank with Four Citadels. No Harlock Citadel. 

1x Citadels

a single (mostly) Tier2 tech Citadel with no rank and no retro in to an 88 on Auto. Of course it timed out long before it completed it. (Shock horror) 
But it did, all on it's own with no input from me, gain 2.6 Mill points for 1h 55m repair time.

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