Defeat Research Garrisonto score points.

Reach Point Quotas to win (full) Blueprints & Uranium.
Click 'Find Target' to locate targets.
Select 'More Info' for additional details.

Captain Harlock and the Forsaken Assembly have issued a challenge to Forsaken fleets everywhere in the fight against Draconians. Complete Forsaken Missions and earn more powerful weapons, ships and specials!

  • Each Forsaken Mission will only be available for a limited time, and you'll only have 72 hours to complete it once you begin.

  • Attacking a mission target on the World Map will immediately start the countdown.

  • Once you've completed your Mission, your will need to wait until the next round (Hit Reset ) to participate again

Blueprints are awarded at:
Tier 1: 150,000 Points
Tier 2: 2,500,000 Points
Tier 3: 4,500,000 Points
Tier 4: 50,000,000 Point
Tier 5: 350,000,000 Point

  • You can reset the weekly mission ONCE at any point (for example, if you cannot reach Tier 5 then it would be a good idea to reset once you reach T4) to win further prizes (although uranium only pays out once). After reset, the points required to reach each tier will remain the same and will no longer increase. It will also reset the 72 hour timer.

  • Forsaken Missions will run on a weekly basis unless a Raid is in progress

The more damage you do to the Draconians, the more points you'll earn towards your Forsaken Mission quota. When you hit a specified quota target, you'll be automatically awarded with the next blueprint in the chart and a bounty of Uranium from that Tier

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