The Foundry

The Foundry system is a way for players to earn hulls and hull upgrades by researching over time and crafting hulls. You can access the Foundry by clicking the button on the action bar right-hand corner of the HUD.

From here, you can see which hulls are available for crafting in the Foundry. Each hull type is segmented into different categories and different tech tiers within those categories. Currently, the four types of hull available are Skirmish, Assault, Siege and Garrison but more categories will be added over time. These classification of hull types will be present in all hulls in the game to help players identify which hulls are useful for which tasks and targets in the game.

These categories will be useful in determining which type of hull is useful for which type of target.

Basic functionality of the Foundry feature in Battle Pirates, how to use it, and what each element in that screen means

 - Good vs Armadas and other Fleet v Fleet combat

- Good vs. Mixed targets, but with Assault Deflection over Siege Deflection

 - Good vs. Drac bases & Mining Bases

- Good vs. PVE Guarded bases (but with Siege Deflection over Assault Deflection

 - PvP class hulls - NOT IN THE FOUNDRY

- Base Defense Hulls (Behemoths, etc.) - NOT IN THE FOUNDRY

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