Fleet setups recommended by The Forsaken Council Team

Building Ironclads [aka Let's kill some Scourge!!]

Where we discuss 4-5 good builds for the Ironclad, for all sorts of technology levels, to kill Scourge in the next three raids, and to kill Mines for base parts. A final 'best' build will be determined after the preview, but all of the suggestions here will work decently.


Kosh -  Harlock IC with 4x Normal IC's


TigerAceRay-  For current Raid cycle


Dragon_Bane-  vanilla Mauser build for the HIC/IC:


Dragon_Bane-  HIC/IC build - After playing with the numbers it seems that these should do well in the A sets. It does not follow the traditional Mauser build, but rather utilizes the Millenium Gun and takes advantage of the reload of the Millenium to make up for the loss of splash.


TSM-  build for people that have the Earthshaker Cannon


TSM-  After preview, 


Deadsinner-  After preview, going with either this Build


Deadsinner-  After preview, for people without the Mouser and CS4 - gotta drive


Liam99-  after testing in preview this is my best cheapest build, was doing a 75 for 4 coins so in raid with grease monkey will be about 50 mins repair

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