TFC - Currently works in the Faction Forever TLC


Deadsinner -

Here's my suggestion for a Malice build, with armor. Reasoning for each main component:
- speed5: duh...
- nuclear accelerator: speed and accuracy bonus, plus range. use hardened barrels 3 as lower option
- siege battery: as this ship doesn't generate aura, this is better than resonance capacitor, for defense. as cannons need to get thru walls first, the wall/building bonus is important
- agility system 3:
forevade, and stun/slow resistance, as bases now commonly use lockdown rockets.
- piercing shells: additional 35% ballistic damage overall. Some could advocate
forsiegetargetting 3, which gives more building/wall damage, but doesn't help against ships. I could see either working... ship has 50% field resistance at full bloodthirst, so I didn't see the need for Shielded Tac System 3.

- 2x radioactive plate 4: gives 10K radioactive deflection, as this ship has zero.
- D5E armor: evade. I thought
oleavingblank, or using D2E for lower repair, or war plate, for splash damage reduction. No strong opinion here.

- ONE bypass chaingun 2: so ship has longest range (100), helps for spotting, and lighter than arbalest or BCG3.
- 4 Earthshakers: great overall damage, and has SPLASH, to open wider gaps in the walls.
- 4 Crossbow 3: highest ship damage in a single shot, important to overcome deflection, even though it has slower reload. One could make the case for all Bypass Chainguns, but they're horrible to cut thru walls, and the crossbows have MASSIVE wall damage.

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