3 minute overview of what's new with Outpost 11, followed by an explanation of the new 'Expert Build' feature, and 7 steps to upgrade your base and reap the benefits of this package.

Dead Sinner -  OP11

Sept 22 2018


Outpost 11 is coming to Battle Pirates! This Outpost level contains such new features as Advanced Resource Generators, Conquest Yard Upgrades, Expert Builds, and a War Academy upgrade for increased fleet storage.

Similar to other Outpost upgrades, Outpost 11 contains such general updates as upgrades to resource storage; health upgrades; and reduction in older outpost build times and costs.

Notably different is that there are no PvP Defense building upgrades in this release (i.e. no defense platforms or wall upgrades for the moment). The list of standard building upgrades with their screenshots can be found later in the briefing, but first let’s check out some details on the New Features!


New Features


New General Building levels



​​Advanced Resource Generators


Conquest Yard Changes

Expert Build

War Academy Upgrade

General Building Upgrades and Repair Times


General Building levels



Outpost level 11
Shipyard Level 6
Dock Level 15
War Academy Level 16
Warehouse Level 17

Advanced Resource Generators

Advanced Resource Generators are like any other construct-able resource harvester within your base. They generate a specific resource over time, which you can bank into your existing storage.

Note that, in keeping with our existing rules about Advanced Resources, resources cannot be stolen from Advanced Resource Generators. This is a slight departure from how resources can be stolen from other generators, but Advanced Resources are a scarce commodity out here in the big blue ocean.

Like other resource generators, you must click “Bank” to obtain the resources.

Advanced Resource Generators have a significant amount of health. Since these resources cannot be stolen, it’s advised that you place them on the outskirts of your base for earlier base bubbling.

Uranium Facility 1 - Available at OP Level 5
Uranium Facility 2 - Available at OP Level 8
Uranium Facility 3 - Available at OP Level 11
Titanium Extractor 1 - Available at OP Level 6
Titanium Extractor 2 - Available at OP Level 11

Conquest Yard Changes

The Conquest Yard has been a positive addition to the PvP landscape, so we’ve decided to make a lower level version available for mid-tier players. This change impacts the current version of Conquest Yard, and sets the stage for the new level of Conquest Yard that becomes available at Outpost 11.

A new version of Conquest Yard, which we’re calling Conquest Yard level 1, is available at Outpost 6 and builds 15% slower than the existing version of Conquest Yard.

The current version of Conquest Yard is being re-branded as Conquest Yard level 2. Its build time is being reduced by ~30 days, and those who already have the Conquest Yard built are receiving the upgrade to Conquest Yard Level 2 instantly, for free, with no effort required.

A brand new level of Conquest Yard becomes available at Outpost 11, which unlocks Expert Builds for PvP hulls. See the Expert Build briefing for more details.

Conquest Yard level 1 - Available at OP Level 6
Conquest Yard level 2 (formally Level 1) - Available at OP Level 10
Conquest Yard level 3 - Available at OP Level 11

Expert Builds

Expert Builds are a new way to construct ships at Conquest Yard 3 (for PvP) and Shipyard 6 (for PvE).

Selecting the Expert Build option on a fresh build results in shorter build times for the entire hull, plus its components, as well as the hull being built with several VXP ranks already in place.

In exchange, an Expert Build costs more resources to construct than a standard build, and can include Advanced Resources for higher tier constructions. The choice is yours on how you spend your time or resources.

  • Expert Builds do not apply to refits. 

  • Expert Builds only increase resource costs based on the hull, but time reductions are applied to both the hull and its equipped components! This means doing an Expert Build provides time reductions on equipment absolutely free - undertaking full builds is highly recommended.

  • Expert Builds will not be available for brand new hulls right away. This helps ensure a balanced playing field for the endgame. When the Expert Build option for a hull becomes available, it will be announced in Release Notes.

  • Cost increases and time reductions are not done at a flat rate, it is different depending on the ship tier.

  • The Shipyard must be level 6 if you want to build Expert Builds out of the Shipyard. The Conquest Yard must be level 3 if you want to build Expert Builds out of the Conquest Yard.

I’d like to construct a new ship in Conquest Yard 3, but I don’t have much time and I’d like it to have VXP Ranks already in place without having to obtain tokens. I think I’ll do an Expert Build!
I will now select the Expert Build option right above the “Build Ship” button.
As expected, the resource cost increased when I selected Expert Build, but the time-to-build decreased and VXP ranks were added to the hull.
That was a lower tier ship, however, let’s see about a higher tier ship.
 Standard Build 
 Expert Build
 Less decrease in build time, but still shaved approximately two days off and added a good amount of VXP Rank. Now the choice is mine on how I wish to manage my resources vs my time.

War Academy

Increased fleet storage from 25 to 60! Hallelujah!


General Building Upgrade Times

General Building Repair Times

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