Outpost 10 base pt.01

14min - Guide to Outpost 10 upgrades and progression. Recommended order to perform the steps, pitfalls to avoid, overview of new features, current bugs you should be aware of. Time and resources required to upgrade each build included for OP, dock, shipyard, and weapons lab.

Outpost 10 base layout 01 and Base Planner

Overview pt.02

20 min - Base Planner 101 tutorial, with most common features, while building a decent base layout for when you have Outpost 10 done. I explain safe distance against snipers, channel, guard and dock placement, bubble pad, portals, walls, and tactical modules. The one thing I do NOT, and will NOT do, is present the final layout with every building and wall in place, since my turrets/tacticals/ships won't match yours, so just blindly copying someone else's base never works. This video takes you over 50% of the way, explains the ground rules, then leaves the final placement up to you, based on what you have. Expect a sequel, with a different, maybe even better layout, and more in-depth discussion of base design features, portal rotation, factions, and so on.

Outpost 10 base layout 02 and Portal Overview pt.03

9min - Here's the 2nd base layout using OP10 resources, and an explanation of how to build, position, and move portals.

Outpost 9 suggested progression

Sharing what I believe to be the most effective path to upgrade, equip, and research new technology released with Outpost 9.

Building an Outpost 8 Base

20min Base Building tutorial for mid-level players with Outpost 8. More than copying the layout presented in base planner, understand all key principles for a good base design.

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