TFC FB Page Rules

We don't have many rules on the FB page but the ones we have are important. 


The Forsaken Council FB is a page that was created to help other players with the game.




The TFC FB page is NOT affiliated with Kixeye.  If you have an issue that can only be handled by a ticket, you need to send in a ticket to customer support.  We have no influence on the handling of tickets and cannot make requests on behalf of a player.


Personal attacks of any kind are not tolerated - This includes making fun of silly questions, questioning someone's heritage or "calling out" other players.


Trolling is not permitted.  If you want to troll posts, then do it elsewhere. Troll posts (and usually the Trolls themselves) will be removed.  If you think a question is silly then just scroll past it.   Not everyone is a veteran player (yet)


Be tolerant of non-English speakers. Battle Pirates is available all over the world. We have players in the game where English is not their native language, accordingly, their posts may seem confusing.  Trolling these types of posts is not permitted.  The game is hard enough without adding the complexities of learning another language. 


The page is not your personal soapbox. Posts that laced with profanities ranting at Kix will be deleted or closed. We all get frustrated sometimes but the TFC page is not the place for complaints. Posts that are non constructvie 





Some of the images used in this website are the intellectual property of KIXEYE® and may have to be removed if requested. 
Content on this website is provided to the User by the Battle Pirates Player community. By use of this site you acknowledge that such content is provided to the user without any implied warranties, ownership rights or guarantee of accuracy as this is not affiliated with nor approved by Kixeye®

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