Salvage Level 17-23 

Assault Cannon D33 - X (6 Parts)

Impact Cannons D30 - L (5 Parts)

Firestorm Rockets D91 - A (4Parts)

Firestorm Rockets D91 - L (4 Parts)

Strike Missile D51 - A (5 Parts)

Strike Missile D51 - L (4 Parts)

Ship Weapons

Salvage Level 29-37 / Elite Fleets 29-37

Ship Armors

Zythonite Armour D1 - M (6 Parts)

Zythonite Armor D1 - X (6 Parts)

Zythonite Armor D2 - T (6 Parts)

Zythonite Armor D2 - N (6 Parts)

Ship Specials

Cluster Warhead I (4 Parts)

Hull Streamlining I(4 Parts)

Small Cargo Hold (4 Parts)

Ship Weapons

Ship Armors

Ship Specials

Assault Cannon D33 - A (7 Parts)

Assault Missile D53 - C (6 Parts)

Assault Missile D53 - R (7 Parts)

Impact Cannon D30 - A (5 Parts)

Shockwave mortar D71 - A (5 Parts)

Zythonite Armor D2 - M (6 Parts)

Zythonite Armor D2 - X (6 Parts)

Zythonite Armor D2 - C (6 Parts)

Zythonite Armor D3 - V (7 Parts)

Cluster Warhead II (5 Parts)

Hull Streamlining II (5 Parts)

Medium Cargo Hold (5 Parts)

Salvage Level 40+ / Elite Fleets 45+

Ship Weapons

Assault Mortar D73 - C (6 Parts)

Assault Mortar D73 - M (6 Parts)

Assault Mortar D73 - R (7 Parts)

Assault Rockets D93 - C (6 Parts)

Assault Rockets D93 - M (6 Parts)

Assault Rockets D93 - R (7 Parts)

Ship Armors

Ship Specials

Seige Cannon D35 - L (8 Parts)

Seige Cannon D35 - X (6 Parts)

Seige Missile D55 - A (8 Parts)

Seige Missile D55 - E (7 Parts)

Seige Mortar D75 - D (8 Parts)

Seige Mortar D75 - V (7 Parts)

Seige Rockets D95 - D (8 Parts)

Seige Rockets D95 - F (8 Parts)

Seige Rockets D95 - W (7 Parts)

Zythonite Armor D4 - E (8 Parts)

Zythonite Armor D4 - N (7 Parts)

Zythonite Armor D4 - T (8 Parts)

Zythonite Armor D4 - V (8 Parts)

Large Cargo Hold (6 Parts)

Hull Streamlining III (6 Parts)

Cluster Warhead III (6 Parts)

 Tier 1 

Tier 2 

Tier 3 

Salvage Blue Prints List


Blueprints are given to the player by successfully attacking Draconian fleets. After a successful attack on a Draconian fleet there exists a chance that the player will loot a piece of Draconian technology in the form of a Blueprint Piece. After many successful attacks a player may assemble enough pieces of a particular Blueprint to unlock it. Once unlocked the technology within the Blueprint becomes available to the player just as if they had researched it in one of the labs.

Blueprint Unlocking

Currently only Weapon Blueprints can be looted. Each Blueprint is made from between 4 and 8 pieces. Each piece represents a part of a Draconian weapon. Once all the pieces of a Blueprint have been collected, and any research requirements have been met, the Blueprint will automatically unlock. High level Blueprints require the player to be in possession of high level Forsaken (player) technology to be able to use the Blueprint but in each case the Blueprint weapon is more powerful than the existing Forsaken technology that is required to use it

Blueprint Stats

Draconians have access more advanced research labs than the Forsaken. Their technologies are significantly more advanced than the Forsaken. This manifests in their weapons being not only more powerful but also more customized. Draconian weapons can improve a ship’s armor or speed, ignore certain armor types or gain bonus damage. Many of these bonuses stack when multiple Drac weapons are put onto a Forsaken ship. Generally, Draconian weapons are split into three groups: Light (these weapons have a name), Assault (customized for ship to ship combat) & Siege (customized for ship to land combat).

It is important to know that you can only have 4 blueprints of each tier in the works at once. Meaning once you have found pieces for 4 weapons of one tier, you will not find pieces for a new weapon in this tier before you have completed one of the 4 already discovered. Note that you can have more than 4 uncompleted bps at once if they belong to different tiers. Once you discover the final piece of a Drac weapon, the next blueprint you find will almost always be the first part for a new weapon.

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