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Battle Pirates Release Notes

Happy Holidays, Captains!

This release includes data for the upcoming VXP weekend, new prizes enter the Forsaken Mission this week, and we’ll be rerunning the Clash of the Titans time-limited campaign as well.

As we close out 2016, I want to thank all of you for your continued support and help in making Battle Pirates the best it can be! In this vein, please check out the State of the Game: Winter Edition for all the high-level information you need heading into 2017.

Let’s take a look at the release!

Skirmish Targets on the World Map

Beginning immediately after the conclusion of the December event, select Reaver Armada targets will replace current Reaver Armada Foundry targets and Draconian Armadas on the world map.

These updated Reaver Armada targets will continue to drop Skirmish fragments, but now also drop Uranium based on Sector Threat level. Currently, Uranium only drops from Draconian Armadas when they appear in Threat Yellow or Orange. In this new configuration, Reaver Armadas will be present in Sector Threat: Teal, Yellow, and Orange and payout different Uranium amounts depending on what Sector Threat level you are in. Defeating these targets will also help increase Sector Threat.

Current Draconian Armadas will continue to spawn and drop Uranium as normal until 1/18/2017. Players can obtain Uranium from either Draconian Armadas OR Reaver Armadas during this 4-weeks overlap period. After this time, the new Reaver Armadas will be the only way to obtain Uranium on the world map.

The new Reaver Armadas will be tuned for non-event difficulty and will pay out varying amounts of Skirmish fragments and Uranium across all sector threat levels

We will replace the existing level 30, 50, and 70 Skirmish blueprint fragment targets with new level 35, 57, and 75 Skirmish targets.

VXP Weekend

From Friday 9am PST, 12/23 to Monday 9am PST, 12/26, Unidentified raiding fleets, Legion Assault Forces and Reaver Armadas will spawn at various times, providing VXP bonuses! Salvage and Elite Salvage fleets will be worth double their normal VXP payout. 43 and 61 will spawn the entire time and also pay out bonus VXP.

The high level Legion Assault Force 80 and Reaver Armada 114 will only spawn from Fri, 9am - Sat, 9pm around Nav Relay Towers instead of Draconian Uranium Bases.

Forsaken Mission - new content

Reminder: to avoid any conflicts with the December hull store, the FM is scheduled to start on December 22nd at 2pm PST.

Gargoyle Depth Charge III (Tier 5)

Hammer Cannon (Tier 5)

George Argyropoulos a/k/a Dragon_Bane go's into a bit of detail about this cannon with his post on the Forsaken Cove Blog in Article This is not the cannon you are looking for...

Drum Reloaders (Tier 5)

Viscosity Regulator (Tier 5)

Gargoyle Depth Charge II (Not new, but added to the prize list in Tier 4)

Clash of the Titans 4 TLC - Rerun

Starts: Thursday December 22nd at noon

Ends: Tuesday, January 10th at noon

Bug fixes & tuning

  • Fixed a bug with the Zoe’s Vendetta causing significant frame-rate issues when joining combat.

  • Structure Build Tokens will no longer be shown as a speed up option when attempting to speed up a fleet repair while the Dock is being upgraded.

  • Added some stability improvements to Base Defense type campaign combats. These changes should prevent an infrequent battle crash that could occur with recent campaign combats with very large quantities of enemy ships.

  • Fixed an issue where players were not properly receiving blueprint pieces awarded from Cargo Fleets on the world map.

  • Fixed a bug where the close button on the Faction change popup would not be available after selecting to cancel a Faction change, forcing a refresh.

  • Corrected the behavior of the Faction change popup when the player does not have sufficient funds to purchase a Faction change. The UI will now communicate that the player has insufficient funds and can direct the player to the gold top up purchase screen.

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