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Holiday Release Schedule; Above the Law TLC; Global Hunt

Hello all, As many have you have noticed, there was no update today. This is due to the holidays. This week's release has been cancelled, however, the Above the Law campaign will begin as scheduled. A Global Hunt will also occur over the weekend. More details below. Next week, the release has been scheduled for 1/4, Wednesday at 9am PDT. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Above the Law

Attack NPC bases in a time-limited campaign to earn Zoe's Retribution – a PvP flagship hull that grants Radiation damage and Ballistic Deflection bonuses to all other Retribution hulls in your fleet. Above the Law starts December 27th!

Start Date: Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 - 12PM PST

End Date: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2016 - 12PM PST

Level: 50+

Prize Pack 1

  • Retribution Hull

  • 1x 1-day Zoe’s Retribution build token

Prize Pack 2

  • Thermonuclear Launcher

  • Atomic Targeting

  • 2x 1-day Zoe’s Retribution build token

Prize Pack 3

  • Badge for completion

  • Zoe’s Retribution

Zoe’s Retribution

Global Hunt

From Friday December 30th to Tuesday January 3rd, from noon to noon, attack targets to earn blueprint shards. Different shards will drop on different days, so check back in to see which are available.

Fri noon - Sat noon Ghostcrawler shards

Sat noon - Sun noon Man-O-War shards

Sun noon - Mon noon Proto-Nemesis shards

Mon noon - Tues noon Hellstar shards

Two shards are guaranteed to drop with each win. Spawns will appear around Nav relays every 20 minutes or so.

There is a limit of 1000 shards per world and each type of shard has a personal redeem limit of 20 shards per person.

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