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Battle Pirates Release Notes - 1/18/17

his release includes new Forsaken Mission prizes, Clash of the Titans 5, Spiteful time limited campaign, info on the upcoming January VXP weekend, and some Mega resource related updates.

Let’s take a look.

Forsaken Mission

Quake Cannon - T5

This is the first Generalist-specific weapon. Equip this to your Zelos fleet to improve performance against Scourge Defense Grid targets!

Seismic Rounds - T5

Pair this with the Quake Cannon or other ballistic weapons on your Zelos to fight against Scourge Defense Grids.

Atomic Focus - T5

Turret special that enhances Radioactive capability.

UAV Overdrive - T5

Available for players who didn’t redeem this in the January event for their Alpha Behemoth. If you already redeemed this in the event, you’ll have the opportunity to earn an additional token in the FM and you can skip to the next prize in the FM.

Mimicus System - T4

Sealed Fire Charge - T4

Clash of the Titans 5

This is the campaign for Captains who have unlocked the Hyperion Mega Ship. Fight through all run-throughs and earn powerful modules to upgrade your Mega Ship. This campaign will be available starting January 18th at noon for a week.

Start Date: Wednesday, January 18th at noon

End Date: Tuesday, January 24th at noon

Must own a Mega Ship

Prize Pack:

  • Prize Pack 1

  • Congreve Rocket Module

  • Prize Pack 2

  • Pyro Engine Module

  • Kinetic Engine Module

  • Prize Pack 3

  • Missile Strike Drone Module

  • Prize Pack 4

  • Drone Transmitter Module

  • Prize Pack 5

  • Defense Modules

  • Anti-cannon Quadcopter

  • Anti-mortar Quadcopter

  • Prize Pack 6

  • Exocet Missile Module

Spiteful TLC

A time-limited campaign where you will destroy your enemies for a chance to win tokens, the Scoria Missile, the Advanced Guidance System, and the Spite (Conqueror hull)!

Start Date: Wednesday, January 18th 2017 at noon

End Date: Tuesday, January - 24th 2017 at noon


  • Run through 1 - 5 encounters

  • Run through 2 - 6 encounters

  • Run through 3 - 7 encounters

Campaign Available:

  • Players will have a full week to complete all encounters

Level Gate: 50 and above

Prize Packs:

  • Prize Pack 1

  • Spite Hull

  • 1x Spite 1-day build token

  • Prize Pack 2

  • Advanced Guidance System

  • 1 x Spite 1-day build token

  • 2 x Spite Medium VXP tokens

  • Prize Pack 3

  • Scoria Missile

  • 10 x Spite 1-day build token

  • 6 x Spite VXP Medium tokens

VXP Weekend

From Friday 9am PST, 1/20 to Monday 9am PST, 1/23, Unidentified raiding fleets and Reaver Armadas will spawn at various times, providing VXP bonuses! Salvage and Elite Salvage fleets will be worth double their normal VXP payout.

Reaver Armada 55 will spawn the entire time around Draconian Uranium Bases and also pay out bonus VXP.

Going forward any new, high level VXP target will appear as Unidentified Raiders on the world map and be unaffected by class restriction rules. These are different from Unidentified Raiding Fleets in payout and difficulty, and can be identified by a different icon and presence of a target level. For January, this high level target will appear as a level 100 Siege target. It will appear alongside Reaver Armada level 99 around Nav Relays but only from Fri, 9am - Sat, 9pm.

Draconian Armada Removal

As messaged in December (, Draconian Armadas will be removed from the map, starting Wednesday 1/18. The Reaver targets that are replacing them have been spawning for the last month. The following Forsaken R&D objectives will change to reflect this (player progress made before the change will be preserved):

  • #10 Advancing Armaments - Destroy 5 Level 57 Reaver Armadas

  • #20 Shipyard Streamlining - Return Resource to base x150,000,000; Repair ship armor x100,000; Destroy 3x Level 57 Reaver Armadas

  • #22 Swashbuckling Sea - Destroy Level 75 Reaver Armada

  • #25 Shipyard Streamlining - Return Resource to base x200,000,000; Repair Ship Armor x150,000; Destroy 2x level 75 Reaver Armadas

  • #27 Swashbuckling Sea - Destroy 3x level 75 Reaver Armadas

The Locator will be updated to find Reaver Armadas instead of Draconian Armadas with this update.

Mega Resource - misc updates

There will be a few Mega resource-related updates with this release.

  • Megahull 91 will now pay out 12k Titanium instead of 8k upon destruction

  • Titanium storage capacity has been increased to 250k

  • Advanced Systems storage capacity has been increased to 40

  • Metal Alloys storage capacity has been increased to 40

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