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Release Notes - 1/24/17

Greetings, Captains!

This release includes the addition of the Hellwraith to the Foundry. We are also introducing a new time-limited campaign for Mega Resources called Heavy Metal as well as a Rogue Crew time-limited campaign. This release also includes data for an upcoming Increased Fragment Drop Weekend.

Let’s take a look!


Hellwraith in the Foundry

The Hellwraith has been added to the Foundry as a redeemable hull. There are no Retrofit levels added at this time; only the ability to redeem the Hellwraith once all components and fragments have been obtained.



  • 192 Tier 5 Skirmish Fragments

  • 4 Hellwraith Fragments

  • Fragments can be found in the new level 102 Reaver Armada.


  • Tiger Shark

  • Mimicus System

  • Sealed Fire Charges

Heavy Metal Time-Limited Campaign

Start Date: Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 - 12PM PST

End Date: Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 - 12PM PST

Target type: Assault. All targets will be from the May-Aug 2016 event cycle.

Only available for Mega Ship Owners


  • Run 1: 3 Targets

  • Prize payout: 5k Titanium

  • Run 2: 4 Targets

  • Prize Payout: 20k Titanium + 2 Advanced Systems

  • Run 3: 5 Targets

  • Prize Payout: 50k Titanium + 3 Metal Alloy + 2 Advanced Systems

Roguelike - Rogue Crew Time-Limited Campaign

This weekend, fight the Scourge to earn the allegiance of Demolition Squad and Irradiated Cutthroats to help in your fight! You'll also meet the Scavenger Scoundrels, a new rogue crew who will double your Base Parts earnings.

Start Date: Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 - 12PM PST

End Date: Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 - 12PM PST

Target type: Siege. Targets will be similar to current event cycle templates

  • Runthrough 1

  • 3 encounters

  • Irradiated Cutthroats x1

  • We have fixed the bug related to this crew. See the Bug Fixes section for more details.

  • Runthrough 2

  • 4 encounters

  • Scavenger Scoundrels x1

  • Runthrough 3

  • 5 encounters

  • Scavenger Scoundrels x1 + Demolition Squad x1

Increased Fragment Drop Weekend

From Friday, noon PST to Sunday, noon PST, Blueprint Fragment drops are doubled in Sector Threat targets.

Bug Fixes & Tuning

  • Fixed an issue where players would not receive the classic blueprint piece drops from Draconian Base (AKA “Sub Sector Base”) targets.

  • Cleaned up code regarding the orientation of weapon sprites. This should clear up issues with certain weapons facing the wrong direction when firing in combat.

  • The Irradiated Cutthroats Rogue Crew will now increase Uranium dropped by Reaver Armada targets.

  • Fixed an issue where Cannoneer fleets might stop moving midway through a combat when on auto pilot.

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