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Release Notes - 2/1/17

Greetings, Captains

This release, we introduce Daily Campaigns. Daily Campaigns are a great way for players to reduce “chore” time by engaging in a very short campaign. Completing Daily Campaigns will award a chest that can be opened for random rewards such as basic resources, Uranium, Base Parts, Tokens, Fragments, etc.

Let’s take a look!

Daily Campaigns

Daily Campaigns are limited time campaigns that are only offered for 24 hours. Players may engage these campaigns to earn Treasure Chests for random rewards!

At this time, we will only be releasing two daily campaigns for players level 80+. We plan on releasing two lower level campaigns for players 50-79 next week and another set of daily campaigns for lower-level players some time after that.

Players in each level bracket will not be able to participate in campaigns outside their level band.

Players will only see one campaign at a time.

There are only two campaigns currently available but we plan on creating more Daily Campaigns over time.

Campaigns reset at midnight, PST. At that time, the current running campaign will be replaced with a new one. The next campaign that appears in the modal is random. If you are in a campaign at the time the reset occurs, you will be able to complete the currently active campaign and win the awards from that campaign.

For the level 80+ campaigns, one is an Assault (May-Aug 2016 event cycle) and the other is similar to the Malevolence TLC.

Campaign Names:

For level 80+

Mega Mayhem (Assault)

Reaver Tide (base defense)

Campaign durations are 1 hour once activated. Daily campaigns consist of 1 run-through with 3 encounters.

Campaigns will pay out a chest after completion. Reinforced chests are awarded for high-level campaigns. Salvaged chests will be awarded for completing the mid-level daily campaigns when they release next week. A third type of chest will be available for lower-level campaigns once these campaigns are developed.

Reinforced Chest

Each chest gives random rewards. Basic resources are guaranteed with each chest, however, all other prizes are random among a set of prizes. Uranium or Base Parts or Tokens are the award for Reinforced Chests. Different levels of chests will payout different rewards, once implemented into the game.

Every chest contains a small chance for a jackpot prize: a larger boon of Uranium or Base Parts.

You may see any unopened chests in a pill on the left-hand side of your HUD. There is no limit to the number of unopened chests you can hold.

Opening a chest will not overfill resources, Uranium, Base Parts, or Tokens. It is recommended that a player has room in their inventory for these items before opening their chest or participating in the campaign. If your inventory is full, a popup window will appear explaining that any won prizes will be lost. Another window will appear to show your winnings once you've opened the chest. Any lost items due to inventory capacity will be shown in red.

Bug Fixes & Tuning

  • Reduced the repair time for Searing Barrage Mortar from 160 seconds to 2 seconds.

  • Reduced the repair time for Pandemonium Mortar from 1440 seconds to 18 seconds.

  • Improved the flow when using a VXP Token such that the fleet that contains the ship you are using VXP Tokens on will remain selected after a Token is used.

  • Corrected the name of ‘Advanced Systems’ being used in the resources list at the bottom right of the Mega Ship configuration HUD.

  • Fixed an issue where the Harlock’s Citadel blueprint was stating that it had 9 weapon slots when it actually only has 8.

  • Fixed an issue where the Forsaken Mission popup would not be available until the game was reloaded for players online when the mission started.

  • Fixed an issue where defenders in a player base combat would not be awarded Medals for successfully defending their base.

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to use VXP Tokens designated for the Alpha Behemoth to rank up the hull.

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