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Release Notes - 2/7/17

Greetings, Captains!

This release includes the addition of level 50-79 Daily Campaigns plus the reruns of two time-limited campaigns: Clash of the Titans & Iron Maiden.

Daily Campaigns (levels 50-79)

As promised, we are introducing two new Daily Campaigns for players level 50-79. These campaigns will reward Salvaged Chests.

For the level 50-79 campaigns, both will feature Assault targets (similar to the May-Aug 2016 event style of targets). Once started, these campaigns will expire in 1 hour. At midnight PST, the daily campaign will reset and a different one will be available.

Campaign Names:

Legion Lashing (Assault)

Aggravated Assault (Assault)

Salvaged Chest

As before, each chest gives random rewards. Basic resources are guaranteed with each chest, however, all other prizes are random among a set of prizes. Salvaged Chests contain a chance at Uranium or Base Parts or Citadel Fragments or Citadel Tokens.

Every chest contains a small chance for a jackpot prize: a larger boon of Uranium or Base Parts. Opening a chest will not overfill resources, Uranium, Base Parts, or Tokens.

Clash of the Titans TLC Rerun

We will be re-running the Clash of the Titans TLC.

The campaign will run from Tuesday February 7th at noon, to Tuesday February 14th at noon.

Prize Packs are the same as previous runs of this campaign.

You must own a Mega Ship to activate this campaign.

Prize Pack:

  • Prize Pack 1

  • Congreve Rocket Module

  • Prize Pack 2

  • Pyro Engine Module

  • Kinetic Engine Module

  • Prize Pack 3

  • Missile Strike Drone Module

  • Prize Pack 4

  • Drone Transmitter Module

  • Prize Pack 5

  • Defense Modules

  • Anti-cannon Quadcopter

  • Anti-mortar Quadcopter

  • Prize Pack 6

  • Exocet Missile Module

  • Iron Maiden TLC Rerun

We will be re-running the Iron Maiden TLC with a slight change to the prize packs, as noted below.

The campaign will run from Tuesday February 7th at noon, to Wednesday February 15th at noon.

Prize Pack 1:

Iron Clad Hull

Earthshaker Cannon

5 x Ironclad Small VXP Tokens

Prize Pack 2:

Cannon System IV

2 x Ironclad 1 day build tokens

1 x Ironclad Medium VXP Token

Prize Pack 3:

Mauser Cannon

10 x Ironclad 1 day build token

6 x Ironclad Medium VXP tokens

Bug Fixes & Tuning

  • Fixed an issue where the Wake Tactical Module aura was being displayed off center from where its actual area of effect was.

  • Fixed an error message popup that was showing placeholder text when a player attempted to relocate their base to a sector where there was not enough room to place the base.

  • Added more detail to the description for the Anti-Rocketeer Turrets to explain that accuracy increasing specials do not increase the accuracy for shooting down Launch Pad Rockets.

  • Culverin Cannons built on Mega Ships will now properly always target enemy standard fleet ships before targeting Modules on an opposing Mega Ship.

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