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Release Notes - 2/22/17

Greetings, Captains!

This release includes an update to the Forsaken Mission, including new content and the addition of certain hulls to the prize list. There is a new time-limited Faction Campaign, which is the start of a cycle of campaigns that fits into the larger context of this year’s lore. We will also be re-running several time-limited campaigns this week. Finally, this release also includes info on the upcoming VXP weekend.

Let’s take a look!

Forsaken Mission

There are several small changes to the Forsaken Mission. These changes were made in response to feedback regarding the overall importance of the Forsaken Mission as part of a greater plan to aid lower-level players into participating at higher levels of the game.

The Forsaken Mission has always been intended as a way for players to catch up in the game. The progression from low-level to high-level should focus on completing campaigns to earn tech that can help with completing the FM, which in turn, can be used to eventually participate in the events.

However, our data indicates that many players do not currently have a clear line of progression in the FM, causing a logjam to occur when progressing. As such, we’ve changed the prize pools of each tier to include tech necessary for completing the Forsaken Mission effectively, such as Garrison hulls and tech, as well as new tech that is meant to complement both existing tech and future tech.

We are also removing the Foundry components from the Forsaken Mission as part of a larger content update to the Foundry system, which is coming soon. The changes to the Foundry should make using this system easier and less cumbersome (a common complaint regarding the Foundry). More news on those changes to come.

Let me be clear: Nothing about the structure or progress of the Forsaken Mission has changed. You will still be able to hit FM targets, earn points, reset your progress, collect prizes, etc. The points required to reach these prize pools has not changed, nor have the payouts from targets changed.

Here are the specifics:

Level 87 retuning

The 87 level target has been retuned to be closer to the ideal difficulty curve. We have tuned down the difficulty of this target to be an easier experience than before.

Renaming Tiers

We have changed the names of each prize pool from “Tiers” toPrize Pools”.

Originally, this naming convention was meant to help identify tech levels found in each prize list. Specifically, the use of “Tiers” was to help players identify Foundry components by tech level. With the addition of hulls to the prize pool and the eventual removal of Foundry components from the FM prize lists, we have changed this naming structure to mitigate confusion. For example, players may find a Tier 5 hull in Prize Pool 4, etc.

Updated Prize List with Two Hulls (and tokens)

We have added the Punisher and the Citadel hull into Prize Pool 1 & 2, respectively. These two hulls are specifically designed for completing the Forsaken Mission efficiently. Build Tokens will be added for both of these hulls in addition to VXP tokens for the Punisher. These tokens will be one-time token prizes; multiples may not be earned by repeating.

Prize Pool Reshuffle

Some prizes have been shuffled down. For example, Judgement Mortar and Explosive System IV (previously in Prize Pool 5) are now in Prize Pool 4.

New prizes

All new prizes have been added to Prize Pool 5.

Hailstorm D

Ballistic Upgrade

Concussive Dampening Overlay

Prize List

Legion Faction Time-Limited Campaign --- Homeland

With the addition of Outpost 9, we gave players the opportunity to align themselves with one of the Factions found in our game lore. We want to expand on this feature by introducing a series of Faction-based campaigns. Each campaign will tie into the over-arcing story of 2017, supplementing event cycles and story arcs as we head into the next year. Each campaign will feature a limited Conqueror-class hull that can be earned to help defeat the next faction campaign in the series.

The first of these campaigns is called Homeland and features the Legion.

You must have reached Outpost 9 in order to participate in these campaigns. You do not need to match the faction of the campaign in order to participate.

Homeland will consist of five Garrison targets and two Conqueror targets.

Start/End Times: 2/22 12pm to 2/28 12pm

Runthroughs/Encounters: 3 runthroughs, progressing from 5 to 7 encounters. The final runthrough will be a Mastery round, and can be repeated up to 5 times.

For encounters 1-4 and 6, you can use anything except a PVP hull.

For encounter 5 and 7 you can use any hull, but we recommend using a Conqueror.

Tier 6 Conqueror hulls may participate in encounters 5 and 7.


SSKP Enhancement

Hyena Missile Turret


Rivals - Bloodthirst: Bloodthirst ability will stack within a given "family" only. Ergo, Rivals - Bloodthirst will only stack with other hulls that have the "Rivals - Bloodthirst" stat.

Run 1:

  • SSKP Enhancement - turret special

  • 2x 1-day structure build tokens

Run 2:

  • Hyena Missile Turret

  • 1x Liberator VXP token (25k VXP)

Run 3 (Mastery; repeat up to 5 times):

  • 1x Liberator (Limited Legion Hull)

  • 1x 6-day Liberator build token

We will be awarding a badge for completing all faction TLCs. After all 5 Mastery runthrough have been achieved, a badge will be awarded.

CM Note: Players who build the Pride from the February event will have a relatively easy time in Homeland encounters 5 & 7. The alternative is to use the Spite, but other Conqueror hulls may be viable options as well. Citadels are highly encouraged for the Garrison targets.

As mentioned before, the limited hull awarded in Homeland will become the "ideal" hull for the Mastery rounds in the upcoming Drac TLC, but other Conqueror hulls may be viable options as well..

Roguelike TLC

Based on player feedback, we have retuned the difficulty for this campaign to be less difficult than the previous iteration. We have also reorganized the Prize Packs and included Junkyard Dogs in the final run through.

Start Date: Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 - 12PM PST

End Date: Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 - 12PM PST


  • Run through 1 - 3 encounters

  • Run through 2 - 4 encounters

  • Run through 3 - 5 encounters :

Prize Pack 1

Irradiated Cutthroats x1

Prize Pack 2

  • Scavenger Scoundrels x2

Prize Pack 3

  • Junkyard Dogs x1 + Demolition Squad x1

Spiteful TLC

Start Date: Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 - 12PM PST

End Date: Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 - 12PM PST

For player level 50+


  • Run through 1 - 5 encounters

  • Run through 2 - 6 encounters

  • Run through 3 - 7 encounters

Prize Pack 1

  • Spite Hull

  • Spite 1-day build token

Prize Pack 2

  • Advanced Guidance System

  • Spite 1-day build token x 1

  • 2x Spite VXP build tokens (2 mediums)

Prize Pack 3

  • Scoria Missile

  • Spite 1-day build token x 10

  • Spite VXP build tokens (6 mediums)

High Tide Elite

Start Date: Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 - 12PM PST

End Date: Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 - 12PM PST

For players level 50+


  • Run 1: 8 Targets

  • Firetwister Torpedos

  • 1 x 1-day Harlock’s Tideseeker Flagship build token

  • Run 2: 9 Targets

  • Harlock’s Tideseeker Flagship

  • 2 x 1-day Harlock’s Tideseeker Flagship build token

Note: Harlock’s Tideseeker capacity will remain at 2

February VXP Weekend

From Friday, 2/24 to Monday, 2/27 (9am - 9am PST).

Unidentified Raiding Forces will be available for attack for VXP rewards. There are two types of targets: a level 55 and a level 100.

The level 100 targets are similar to the February S-level target and will only be available for attack from Friday 9am PST to Saturday, 9pm PST. Find this target around Nav Relays.

The level 55 targets will be available for the entire duration and are similar to Reaver Armada targets. Find this target around DUBs.

Both target types have no class restrictions for attacking.

Salvage and Elite Salvage will payout 2x VXP rewards but class-restrictions will be in place for these targets.

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