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Release Notes - 2/28/17

Greetings, Captains!

This release includes a re-run of the Clash of the Titans time-limited campaign, a small improvement to the Base Planner, and several bug fixes & tunings.

Let’s take a look!

Clash of the Titans re-run

Clash of the Titans returns. This is an exact replica of the last Clash of the Titans

Runtime: Tuesday February 28th at noon to Tuesday March 7th at noon.

Prize Packs are the same as previous runs of this campaign.

You must own a Mega Ship to activate this campaign.

Prize Packs:

  • Prize Pack 1

  • Congreve Rocket Module

  • Prize Pack 2

  • Pyro Engine Module

  • Kinetic Engine Module

  • Prize Pack 3

  • Missile Strike Drone Module

  • Prize Pack 4

  • Drone Transmitter Module

  • Prize Pack 5

  • Defense Modules

  • Anti-cannon Quadcopter

  • Anti-mortar Quadcopter

  • Prize Pack 6

  • Exocet Missile Module

Base Planner Save Slots Increased

The number of slots in the base planner has been increased to 5. This way, you can customize your base layout to face any situation! Enjoy, Captains!

Bug fixes & tuning

  • Additional adjustments have been made to the display rotation of ships in the Base Planner. This should address issues where the ship could be shown facing a different direction in the Base Planner compared to base view.

  • Addressed a rare case where a player could be blocked from upgrading a Mega Module/Mega Weapon when they should have been allowed to.

  • Fixed a minor visual issue where class icons could be placed such that they went outside of the world map target context menu borders.

  • The description of a Mega Module in the Foundry research popup can now be scrolled through so that the whole text can be read.

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong player name could be used when displaying an alliance invitation/request in the messaging system.

  • The ‘Show Blueprint’ button in the ‘Blueprint Found’ popup will now properly direct to the Intelligence Lab when multiple ‘Blueprint Found’ popups are stacked on top of one another.

  • Centered the icons shown for prizes in the ‘Campaign Complete’ popup and made more space so that more can be displayed at once.

  • Fixed a case where a player could rejoin a combat that had already ended by using the collapsed fleet manager.

  • Fixed the ‘Learn Defense’ button that can be shown to newer players after their base is attacked so that it properly directs to a tutorial video on base defense.

  • Players should no longer be shown the option to ‘Join Attack’ on a co-op target for which they already have a fleet engaged in combat.

  • Fixed an issue where Drone Tactical Modules could not be swapped out in refit mode without first clearing the Tactical Module slot.

  • Cleaned up the display of time in the ‘Token Used’ popup.

  • Addressed an issue with the flow of researching a Retrofit so that a player will no longer be able to attempt another action in the brief period where the Retrofit action has not yet begun.

  • The ‘Base Attack Over’ popup will no longer display the text ‘Damage’ when there is no damage to report.

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