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Release Notes - 3/7/17

Greetings, Captains!

This release includes the next Faction-related time-limited campaign, Endgame. We will also be re-running the Iron Maiden TLC. We've also made improvements to component and hull stat displays to more clearly show the auras and built-in features of items. New deals are available in the Merchant Store!

Let’s take a look.

Endgame - Faction TLC

Runtime: Tuesday, 3/7 at noon PST to Tuesday, 3/14 at noon PST.

Endgame is the second in a series of Faction-based campaigns. Vassago has ordered attacks on Legion Assault targets. You must have reached Outpost 9 in order to participate in these campaigns. You do not need to match the faction of the campaign in order to participate. We’ve modified the format of the faction campaign.

There are three run-throughs of the campaign, with 3, 4, & 5 encounters respectively. The first three encounters are Legion Assault Forces. Conqueror hulls will not be able to engage these attacks. Encounters 4 & 5 are base attacks (best defeated by Conqueror hulls; Liberators highly recommended).

Runtrhough 3 is a Mastery encounter that can be repeated to earn the limited blueprint, the Oppressor.

Runthrough 1: Three Encounters - 3x Assault targets

Fuel Tank O1-X

2x 1-Day Structure Build Token

Runthrough 2: Four Encounters - 3x Assault targets + Base Attack

Explosive Turret D99-S

25,000 VXP Oppressor Token

4x 2-Day Structure Build Token

Runthrough 3: Five Encounters - 3x Assault Target + 2x Base Attacks; Can be repeated five times.


6-day Oppressor Ship Build Token

Iron Maiden TLC

Runtime: Tuesday, 3/7 at noon PST to Tuesday, 3/14 at noon PST.

Prize Pack 1:


Earthshaker Cannon

5 x Ironclad 1000 VXP Tokens

Prize Pack 2:

Cannon System IV

2 x Ironclad 1 day build tokens

1 x Ironclad 5000 VXP Token

Prize Pack 3:

Mauser Cannon

10 x Ironclad 1 day build token

6 x Ironclad 5000 VXP tokens

Bug Fixes & Tuning

  • Fixed an issue where players who were not present in the final combat of a Campaign would not be awarded the Badge for completion. Badges will now be awarded for Campaigns where they are a prize whether or not the combat is actively viewed by the player.

  • Repositioned the bridge sprite on the Spite hull sprite so that it is correctly centered on the hull.

  • Corrected the display of Forsaken R&D stat bonuses so that the Splash Damage Reduction stat will not be displayed when the value for the bonus is zero.

  • The ‘Show unowned components’ checkbox will now correctly show unowned components when using the filter for base weapons and specials.

  • Fixed a bug where the scrollbar for the stat block displayed for a ship in the Dock would scroll back to the top after a few moments without user input.

  • Addressed a case where the repair time displayed for repairing the entire base after a base attack would be inconsistent between the ‘Base Damaged’ popup and the ‘Base Activity’ tab.

  • Modified an issue with hull class restrictions. Previously, all T6 hull classes were restricted from engaging PvE legacy targets. This was unintended. We have correctly restricted T6 Conqueror & Defender hulls only. These hulls will be blocked from engaging legacy PvE targets, as noted when selecting a PvE target.

  • We are introducing a new level 200 Elite Salvage that will spawn in Sector Threat Yellow. These targets will help move the Sector Threat bar from Yellow to Orange. They will spawn around Nav Relays.

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