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Release Notes - 3/14/17

March 14, 2017

Greetings, Captains!

This release includes data for the upcoming March event, Utopia, as well as bug fixes & tuning.


March Event - Utopia

While the Forsaken were occupied attacking Scourge defense grids, Isurus and his followers have completed their plans to raise the underwater city of Utopia. The Scourge finally have a foothold on the surface world where they can stage their incursion. It is now imperative that the Forsaken utilize every weapon in our arsenal to stop their nefarious plans for domination. Get ready, Captains. Utopia begins March 16th!

Utopia is the third and final chapter of the Siege of the Scourge event cycle. Defeat Scourge Defense Grids and the Scourge city of Utopia to earn points to unlock tech in the hull store.

Read more about the event, including prizes and structure here.


Bug Fixes & Tuning

  • Removed the ‘Clear Slot’ button displayed when selecting a hull in the Shipyard as it served no purpose.

  • Fixed an issue where the Forsaken Arena post combat popup would incorrectly show a large amount of VXP earned when none is actually paid out.

  • Fixed a bug where the Ironclad Bloodthirst icon was not appearing in combat.

  • Fixed an issue where the Limited Offer popup could incorrectly show the discount percentage as zero.

  • Renamed “Assault” and “Siege” DPS to “Ship” and “Structure” DPS, respectively.
    This change was not committed to the live environment with this release. It should be correctly added next week


  • The following Armors have had their time to build reduced:
    -- Penetrative Plate II changed from 9 hours 36 minutes 0 seconds to 6 hours 30 minutes 0 seconds
    -- Penetrative Plate III changed from 28 hours 48 minutes 0 seconds to 7 hours 25 minutes 48 seconds










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