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Raid - Utopia

Mission Overview

While the Forsaken were occupied attacking Scourge Defense Grids, Isurus and his followers were able to raise the great underwater metropolis of Utopia! With a foothold to the surface world, the Scourge can begin their incursion. The Forsaken must use every weapon in their arsenal to defeat the Scourge or everything is lost!

Utopia will begin on the following worlds at the following times:

World Alpha: 9AM PDT

World Beta: 10AM PDT

World Gamma: 11AM PDT

World Delta: 12PM PDT

World Epsilon: 1PM PDT

Relocation will be disabled Thursday morning. The friends list will be limited to 10 friends. Sector Threat, Base Parts, Gantry and Foundry targets will be disabled during the event. Daily Campaigns are disabled during the event.

Goals Utopia is a hull store event that takes place from March 16th to March 22nd. Defeat Scourge Defense Grids to earn points to unlock prizes in the hull store.


Event targets are classified by Tier (Tier 4; Tier 3; etc). There is a new Tier 6 target in addition to targets from the previous event.

Targets are not cooperative.

  • Tier 6

  • Level 100 & level 107

  • The level 107 target is a high-end, powerful target.

  • Top-end targets for fully ranked Cannoneer fleets.

  • Tier 5

  • Previously labeled “A set”

  • 3 targets in set (71, 73, 75)

  • This target is a good target for engaging with Cannoneer, Ironclad, and Zelos fleets

  • Tier 4

  • Previously labeled “B set”

  • 4 targets in set (51, 53, 55, 57)

  • The Centurion and Zelos should do well in this target, although high-end Crusaders should be viable options as well. The Punisher will also be an auto-option on these targets.

  • Tier 3

  • Previously labeled “C set”

  • 3 targets in set (31, 33, 35)

  • Should be viable for all users without Tier 4 tech (Vindicator, Dreadnaught)

  • Two Blitz Targets

  • 10x Blitz Functionality

  • Level 74

  • Blitz minimum of 5 gold

  • Level 59

  • Blitz minimum of 1 gold


In addition to World Map targets, special campaigns are available that feature old event cycle targets.

  • Uprising

  • 30,000 event points payout upon campaign completion

  • Campaign repeat limit of 20

  • Uprising Elite

  • 150,000 event points payout upon campaign completion

  • Campaign repeat limit of 20

Point Payouts Per Target Each target is worth a maximum number of points, as noted below. Completing a set will award a completion bonuses.

Tier 3: 31 - 30,000 33 - 35,000 35 - 45,000 Tier bonus - 50,000 Tier 4: 51 - 65,000 53 - 110,000 55 - 145,000 57 - 180,000 Tier bonus - 250,000 Tier 5: 71 - 350,000 73 - 450,000 75 - 550,000 Tier bonus - 1,350,000 Tier 6 100 - 1,850,000 107 - 2,150,000 Tier bonus - 2,500,000

Blitz Tier 5: 74 - 600,000 Blitz Tier 4: 59 - 140,000

You can track your completion progress in the Event modal. Defeating a target will mark the completion in the modal. Continuous target completions will count towards future set completions. Once a set is complete, the modal will clear and reset with previously completed targets marked in the modal. Hitting targets that are below your recommended level will result in fewer points. This does not affect the completion bonus for a finishing a set. Use the Locator to find targets of all Sets or specific Sets.


Sector Threat will not be enabled during the event however you may earn Uranium by reaching certain points thresholds.

Points earned Payout 150,000 800 500,000 1,500 2,000,000 5,000 5,000,000 10,000 10,000,000 20,000

Zoe's Man-O-War

A level 99 target that begins spawning on Saturday will also have a Uranium payout (~42k) upon completion. This target is not worth any event points but may be completed for a Uranium payout. This target will begin spawning on Saturday at noon and continue to regularly spawn hourly throughout the rest of the event. These targets will spawn near Nav Relay towers.

Top Prizes

Icebreaker (will be a locked redemption behind the Empyrean, Adapted Imperial Mortar D100-Z, and Trajectory Plotter)

This Garrison hull is best suited for auto-attacking event targets in the next event cycle.

Siege Rockets D100-S (will be a locked redemption behind the Empyrean, Adapted Imperial Mortar D100-Z, and Trajectory Plotter)

Garrison Battery Mk-X (will be a locked redemption behind the Empyrean, Adapted Imperial Mortar D100-Z, and Trajectory Plotter)

Open Store

Charged Zynthonite C1-X Armor

Charged Zynthonite C1-M Armor


Second Generalist hull, best suited for the Tier 5 event targets in the April event.

Adapted Imperial Mortar D100-Z

Trajectory Plotter

Ferox’s Fury

A tier 5.5 Conqueror flagship

Badges & Achievements

New Badge - Legacy - Break the Ice - Redeem the Icebreaker blueprint

New Achievement - Legacy - Resistance Fighter - Participate in the March Event

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