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Release Notes - 3/23/17

Greetings, Captains!

This week’s release includes new tech for the Forsaken Mission and info for the upcoming VXP weekend. We will also be re-running the Clash of the Titans time-limited campaign.

Forsaken Mission

This month’s mission includes new prizes for Prize Pool 5 as well as additions to Prize Pool 3 & 4.

Prize Pool 5

Penetrative Plate VI

Explosive Overlay

Deep Sea Countermeasure

This countermeasure can fire while submerged at both mortars and missiles. The Deep Sea Countermeasure can -only- be equipped in a weapon slot that has -exactly- “Countermeasure” and “Underwater”.

(Valid Slot Type - Deep Sea Countermeasure)

If the weapon slot takes in any other weapon type (such as Air, Standard, etc.), in addition to the “Countermeasure” and “Underwater”, then this weapon will not be available to be equipped in that weapon slot.

(Invalid Slot Type - Deep Sea Countermeasure)

Subaquatic Propellant

As a reminder, “Countermeasure” is its own Counter / “Damage Type”. Countermeasure Reload will not improve countermeasure weapons that are labeled as “Anti-Penetrating” or “Anti-Explosive”. Only countermeasure weapons that are labeled as “Countermeasure” will receive the benefits from Countermeasure Reload.

Prize Pool 4

Penetrative Plates V

Prize Pool 3

Penetrative Plates IV

VXP Weekend

Friday, 3/24 - Monday, 3/27 (9am - 9am).

Unidentified Raiding Fleets will spawn the entire time. Salvage and Elite targets will have 2x VXP payout the whole time.

Level 55 & 99 targets are similar to Reaver Armada targets. Level 55 will spawn the entire weekend while level 99 will only spawn from Fri, 9am - Sat, 9pm.

Level 101 are Garrison style targets and will only spawn from Fri, 9am - Sat, 9pm. They will consist of mostly buildings and turrets. Destroying the first line of buildings in the target will trigger enemy ships from offscreen to attack, so keep an eye out!

Clash of the Titans re-run

We will be re-running the Clash of the Titans TLC.

The campaign will run from Thursday March 23rd at noon, to Wednesday March 29th at noon.

Prize Packs are the same as previous runs of this campaign.

You must own a Mega Ship to activate this campaign.


  • Prize Pack 1

  • Weapon Module - Congreve Rocket Module Lv1

  • Prize Pack 2

  • Engine Module - Pyro Engine Module Lv1

  • Engine Module - Kinetic Engine Module Lv1

  • Prize Pack 3

  • Missile Strike Drone Module

  • Prize Pack 4

  • Drone Transmitter Module

  • Prize Pack 5

  • Defense Modules

  • Anti-cannon Quadcopter

  • Anti-mortar Quadcopter

  • Prize Pack 6

  • Exocet Missile Module

Bug Fixes & Tuning

  • Added back the missing “left arrow” in the UI for switching pages in the leaderboards.

  • Fixed an issue where the Prideful effect for ships using the Pride hull would incorrectly remain active for the remainder of a combat if the ships were stunned at any point in the combat.

  • Fixed an issue where empty health bars for defeated enemies would remain on the screen when joining an in progress combat.

  • The bonus stat “Assault DPS” has been renamed as “Ship DPS” to clarify that this stat is not referring to the “Assault” Hull Class.

  • The bonus stat “Siege DPS” has been renamed as “Structure DPS” to clarify that this stat is not referring to the “Siege” Hull Class.

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