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Release Notes - 3/28/17

Greetings, Captains!

This release includes a new faction-based time-limited campaign as well as information regarding an upcoming Preview.


Scourge Faction TLC - Forever

A new faction-based time-limited campaign is available. Forever features a progression of run-throughs with encounters that feature a combination of base attacks on Reaver bases and Scourge targets from the recent event cycle. Defeat encounter 5 to earn the Gluttony: a T6 Conqueror hull that can transfer its health to other damaged Conqueror ships in your fleet! Forever begins March 28th!


There are 6 run-throughs of the campaign, with 3, 4, & 5 encounters; then, the last three runthoughs have 5 encounters as well. The first three encounters are base attacks. Conqueror hulls are highly recommended to engage the base attacks. Encounter 4 & 5 are Scourge Defense Grids. Conqueror hulls will not be able to engage encounters 4 & 5; Siege hulls are recommended instead (ie, the Cannoneer, etc).

Runthrough 6 is a Mastery runthrough that can be repeated twice to earn additional Gluttony VXP tokens and build tokens. Completing the mastery runthrough will also earn you a Badge!

Runthrough 1: Three Encounters - 3x base attacks

  • Sulfide Deployer

2-day structure token

Runthrough 2: Four Encounters - 3x base attacks + 1x Scourge Defense Grids

  • Venom Spitter

  • 2x 12hr structure token and 1x 7-day structure tokens

Runthrough 3: Five Encounters - 3x base attacks + 2x Scourge Defense Grids

  • 2x 7-day structure tokens and 1x 2-day structure tokens

Runthrough 4: Five Encounters - 3x base attacks + 2 Scourge Defense Grids

  • 1x 12-day structure tokens

  • Gluttony VXP tokens 2x 25000

Runthrough 5: Five Encounters - 3x base attacks + 2 Scourge Defense Grids

  • Gluttony

2x 12-day structure tokens

  • Gluttony 6-day build tokens

Behold, the Gluttony (T6 Scourge Hull)

The Gluttony sports a new mechanic that allows it to transfer its health to other ships in the fleet.

Tips: While this sub has solid countermeasure abilities (oh, hey. Are those slots for the Deep Sea Countermeasure? Huh!) its healing ability is what sets it apart from other hulls. Once every few seconds, this hull can transfer armor from itself to other hulls within range.

This means the more armor it has, the more it can stand to spare. Fatten it up with armor so it can heal longer. It can never have too much health. Hence, Gluttony.

The Gluttony is a blueprint and is not limited.

How Health Transfer Works: You'll notice the Gluttony has some new stats in the stat block to signify how it transfers health from itself to nearby allied ships. Transfer Amount Transfer Rate Number of Targets Transfer Efficiency -- Transfer Amount indicates how much health is transferred from this ship to an allied ship. -- Transfer Rate indicates how often this transfer occurs. -- Number of Targets indicated how many ships within range can benefit from this ability. -- Transfer Efficiency can be best explained as the cost to transfer health from the Gluttony to other ships. In other words, the cost to transfer health = the amount of health / .95 In the case of the Gluttony, every 4 seconds, it will send out a pulse that can heal up to 6000 damage to the damaged ships within range. 6000 is maximum amount that each target can be healed for. Transfer Efficiency means that the Gluttony would take ~6316 "damage" in order to "heal" 6000 damage to another hull within range. (6000 / .95 = 6315.7) This ability will be indicated by a flashing health symbol over the healed ship. As noted in the description, the health transfer effect cannot be used on other Gluttonies.

Runthrough 6 (Mastery*2): Five Encounters - 3x base attacks + 2 Scourge Defense Grids

  • Gluttony VXP tokens 1x 25000

  • Gluttony 3x 6-day build tokens

We will be awarding a badge for completing all faction TLCs. After all Mastery runthrough have been achieved, a badge will be awarded.


We will be running an open Preview on Wednesday, 3/29.

Goal: Get feedback on the Monolith with its associated weapon and special

Test Content: Monolith; High Yield Warheads; Combat Mortar O/U-10.

Runtime: Wednesday, 3/29 from 11:00 AM – 1:00PM

Targets: Drac “Cold War” Event target, level 83. Half repair will be enabled.

Passwords will be posted ~11am PST. Space in the Preview is limited; all access is first come/first served.

Bug Fixes & Tuning

  • Made changes that should prevent a ship from being positioned slightly outside the normal boundaries of the world map.

  • Turrets that have Multishot will now correctly have the value for the stat increase in the stats displayed when a special with a bonus to Multishot is equipped.

  • We have increased the capacity of the 12 day structure build Token from 1 to 3 in order to line up with the prizes paid out in the Scourge TLC "Forever".

  • We have addressed an issue where the Gluttony hull was incorrectly healing ships using hulls with a class other than Conqueror or Defender. The effect should be isolated to Conqueror and Defender hulls, as described.

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