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April Event Tips & Tricks

Greetings, Captains!

As some of you were able to preview yesterday, there are new targets for the April - June event cycle: Cold War.

The Draconians have started to fortify their Research Garrisons with defense turrets and a wide field of cyro mines. Attacking these targets will require deft reflexes and nerves of steel to avoid the mines. Take out the turrets with large spread rockets and/or mortars, picking off shipyards and torpedo turrets as you traverse the narrow channels.

Let’s take a look:


As always, clicking on a target will pop up a Target Information summary. You’ll see that Research Garrisons are utilize Explosive, Penetrative, and Coldsnap tech to defend itself. The targets are also weak vs. Explosive damage.

Here's an example of the interior of a level 83 Research Garrison:

Note the field of Cryo Mines in the target. Unlike other Cryo Mines, these mines cannot be fired upon or destroyed. You will need to maneuver through the field of mines to reach the guarded platforms. Icebreakers with Siege Rocket D100-S are best for these targets due its speed and the devastating spread of the weapon, but Punisher or Zelos-led fleets of Citadels will also benefit from their tank/remote targeting combo.

Citadels doing werk, son!

Also note the MIRV missiles on the outskirts of the platforms. Using countermeasures will help mitigate the damage from MIRV weapons and provide some needed protection if you decide to tank instead of maneuver around the Cryo Mines. Also, be on the lookout for Legion ships that may show up in the target to challenge you or the Dracs or both! Zoe is playing a dangerous game here. She's always been known for being unpredictable. Be on alert!

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