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April Event Briefing - Cold War: Espionage

Mission Overview


The Draconians and the Legion are at a standstill, with both sides continuing to escalate tensions by stockpiling their arsenals. Meanwhile, our spies have informed us that Vassago and Zoe have been secretly meeting to discuss a peace treaty, even as the Dracs continue to fortify their position on the map. If the two forces can come to an agreement, what does this mean for the Forsaken? What are their plans for the world? We need the valuable information stored in the Draconian Research Garrisons. But be on the lookout for Zoe and her Legion. There’s no telling who's side she’s on. Espionage begins April 13th!

Cold War: Espionage is the first event in the Cold War event cycle. Targets include Draconian Research Garrisons and are tuned for Garrison-class ships such as the Icebreaker and the Monolith. Read more here[link] for tips and tricks on these new targets and here[link] for the event briefing.

Cold War: Espionage will begin on the following worlds at the following times:

  • World Alpha: 9AM PDT

  • World Beta: 10AM PDT

  • World Gamma: 11AM PDT

  • World Delta: 12PM PDT

  • World Epsilon: 1PM PDT

At the start of the event for each world, the following features will be disabled:

  • Relocation

  • Friends lists limited to 10

  • Sector Threat

  • Base Parts targets

  • Gantry and Foundry targets

  • Daily Campaigns

We have added an improvement to the game where these features will become disabled at the start of the event for their respective worlds. For example, at 9am PST, relocation will be turned off in World Alpha but will be available for all other worlds. However, you cannot relocate to World Alpha once relocation has been turned off for that sector.

Goals Cold War: Espionage is the first event in the Cold War event cycle. Targets include Draconian Research Garrisons and are tuned for Garrison-class ships such as the Icebreaker and the Monolith.

Avoid Cryo Mines surrounding the Garrison targets and destroy turret clusters and shipping yards to earn points to use in the event store. Unlike Cryo Mines in other targets, these mines cannot be targeted or destroyed by weapons.

The event will run from April 13th to April 17th.


Research Garrisons are classified by Tier (Tier 5; Tier 4; etc).

Targets are not cooperative.

  • Tier 6

  • Previously labeled “A set”

  • 3 targets in set (81, 83, 85)

  • Suggested fleets: Icebreaker fleets; Monolith fleets; high-ranked Citadel/Punisher fleets

  • Tier 5

  • Previously labeled “B set”

  • 3 targets in set (61, 63, 65)

  • Suggested fleets: Mid-ranked Citadel/Punisher fleets; Tideseeker fleets with Coaxial Firestorms and countermeasures; Empyrean/Zelos fleets.

  • Tier 4

  • Previously labeled “C set”

  • 3 targets in set (41, 43, 45)

  • Similar to Draconian Strongholds. Suggested fleets: Any viable FM fleet; Tideseeker fleets

  • Blitz Target

  • Level 89

  • Suggested hulls: Monoliths

  • Will pay out 1,600,000 points

  • Blitz minimum of 5 gold

  • Level 84

  • Suggested hulls: Icebreakers & Monoliths

  • Will pay out 800,000 points

  • Blitz minimum of 5 gold

  • Level 69

  • Suggested hulls: Citadels & Tideseekers

  • Will pay out ~185,000 points

  • Hit down multiplier applies

  • Blitz minimum of 1 gold


In addition to World Map targets, special campaigns are available that feature old event cycle targets.

  • Dark Depths Elite

  • Based on Scourge Siege targets from the last event cycle

  • 4 targets in set (51, 53, 55, 57)

  • Suggested hulls: Centurions & Punishers

  • Dark Depths

  • 3 targets in set (31, 33, 35)

  • Suggested hulls: Any Tier 3 or lower Siege tech (Crusaders, etc.)

  • Uprising Elite

  • Based on Reaver Skirmish Targets from the event cycle prior

  • 4 targets in set (52, 54, 56, 58)

  • Suggested hulls: Tideseekers & Tigersharks

  • Uprising

  • 3 targets in set (32, 34, 36)

  • Suggested hulls: Any Tier 3 or lower Skirmish tech (Barracudas, etc)

Point Payouts Per Target Each target is worth a maximum number of points, as noted below. Completing a set will award a completion bonuses. Points payouts have increased across the board to match the increase to Tier 6 top prizes.

Tier 4: 41 - 25,000 43 - 40,000 45 - 55,000 Tier bonus - 50,000 Tier 5: 61 - 120,000 63 - 190,000 65 - 290,000 Tier bonus - 400,000 Tier 6: 81 - 550,000 83 - 700,000 785 - 800,000 Tier bonus - 1,700,000

Blitz Tier 6: 89 - 1,600,000 Blitz Tier 5 84 - 800,000 Blitz Tier 4: 69 - 185,000 Tips:

  • You can track your completion progress in the Event modal.

  • Defeating a target will mark the completion in the modal.

  • Continuous target completions will count towards future set completions.

  • Once a set is complete, the modal will clear and reset with previously completed targets marked in the modal.

  • Hitting targets that are below your recommended level will result in fewer points. This does not affect the completion bonus for a finishing a set.

  • Use the Locator to find targets of all Sets or specific Sets.


Sector Threat will not be enabled during the event however you may earn Uranium by reaching certain points thresholds.

Points earned Payout 150,000 800 500,000 1,500 2,000,000 5,000 5,000,000 10,000 10,000,000 20,000

Zoe's Man-O-War

A level 99 target that begins spawning on Saturday will also have a Uranium payout (~42k) upon completion. This target is not worth any event points but may be completed for a Uranium payout. This target will begin spawning on Saturday at noon and continue to regularly spawn hourly throughout the rest of the event. These targets will spawn near Nav Relay towers.

Top Prizes Harlock’s Alpha Behemoth

Polonium Thrower

Polonium Accelerator

Vassago’s Icebreaker (locked)

Gridiron’s Monolith

Empyrean MX Prime

Prize List

Unlocked Store

Locked Store

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