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Release Notes - 5/2/17

Greetings Captains,

This release includes improvements to the Monolith & Combat Mortar O/U-10. We will be re-offering these prizes in a new and improved version of the Odyssey time-limited campaign.

We have also updated the Forsaken Mission with a new level 115 target, featuring a layout similar to that found for the new S targets in the May event.

We also plan to run an Open Preview of the May event target this week and another Open Preview for the Top Prizes in May next Monday.

Lastly, we have made some changes to the Charged Armors, effectively increasing their efficiency in order to fall more in line with their intended behavior.

Let’s take a look.


Odyssey TLC re-run

From Tuesday, 5/2 to Wednesday, 5/10, use your Cannoneers and Ironclads to defeat Siege targets in the Odyssey TLC. Earn the coveted Monolith, Combat Mortar O/U-10, and High Yield Warheads. We are also offering Gridiron’s Monolith in the new, additional Prize Pack for players who may have missed this prize in the recent event. The Monolith is the preferred hull for high-end targets in the Cold War event cycle. Good luck, Captains!

Monolith Update:

Based on your feedback, we have made the following changes to the Monolith:

  • Increased Splash from +0% to +50%

  • Increased Structure Deflection from 0 to 500

  • Increased Ship Deflection from 0 to 200

  • Additions to the Aura of the Monolith:

  • Duplicate Aura Cap: 4

  • Explosive Damage: +20%

Combat Mortar O/U-10 Update:

Based on your feedback, we have made following changes to the Combat Mortar O/U-10:

  • Increased damage from 9650 to 11,580


Prize Pack 1

  • Monolith Hull

  • Judgment Mortar

  • Monolith small VXP token x5 (1k each)

Prize Pack 2

  • High Yield Warheads

  • Monolith 1-day build token x 2

  • Monolith medium VXP tokens x1 (6500 each)

Prize Pack 3

  • Combat Mortar O/U-10

  • Monolith 1-day build token x 10

  • Monolith medium VXP tokens x6 (6500 each)

  • Badge for completion

Prize Pack 4

  • Monolith large VXP tokens x2 (30k each)

  • Monolith 1-day build token x2

Prize Pack 5

  • Gridiron’s Monolith x1 (no capacity increase)

  • Gridiron’s Monolith 20-day build token x1

  • Gridiron’s Monolith medium VXP token x2 (5k each)

Forsaken Mission Level 115 Target

We have added a new level 115 FM target designed for the updated Monolith. This is similar to the S-level target for the upcoming May Event. We have increased the points payout for this target to be greater than the 112 target. It will payout FM points as well as a Reinforced Chest upon completion. This target will be a perfect opportunity to try out your updated Monoliths for the FM and the upcoming event.

May Event Previews

We will be running two Previews, one on Thursday, 5/4 & another next Monday, 5/8. Details can be found here.

Bug Fixes & Tuning

Charged Armor Update

We discovered the Charged Armors were performing poorly outside their band of effectiveness and that the band of effectiveness was too narrow, i.e. charged armors were best in too few targets. Charged Armors are intended to be good in high-level targets but less effective in low-level targets, such as salvage.

To protect the value of charged armors going forward, we've given them D5 level defense for an upfront boost to defensive while reducing the per-projectile reduction and armor pools to compensate. The result is an armor that is better than D5 armor in all cases and still at no additional repair cost.

Charged Armor is intended to trade high upfront cost for long-term savings. These armors are intended to last for the entire year, being highly effective against current highest level targets.

New stats

Other Bug Fixes & Tuning

  • Fixed an issue where a user’s previous combat information would be displayed when they are spectating a battle.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not move to attack certain buildings in a Draconian Uranium Base by clicking on them.

  • Fixed an issue where Culverin Cannon tokens were not available for use in regards to levels 3 and 4

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to unlock repair specialists for former Foundry hulls.

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