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FM Target Transition Roadmap

Hello, pirates. Forsaken Mission targets will be replaced as part of the target transition phase of the cycle, starting tomorrow, May 24th. Tomorrow, the only change being made is the removal of level 112 FM targets. No other changes are scheduled for this week. These new targets are based on the Draconian Research Garrisons from the current Cold War event cycle. They will replace the current Draconian Strongholds. To ease players into the new targets, we will be making these changes over a scheduled cadence. This includes removing targets, replacing targets, and eventually integrating all new targets into the FM. These changes will coincide with the start of the Forsaken Mission, each week. The FM transition will take place over several weeks to allow players time and opportunity to build and improve their T6 Garrison fleets. High level-targets will be tuned for use with Monoliths and Icebreakers with the intention that Citadel/Punisher fleets will be effective on lower-level targets, as an opportunity to earn the FM tech necessary to compete in the Forsaken Mission at higher levels. Payouts per target have not been adjusted. Here is the current roll-out plan:

FM start date Old FM target changes New target change

5/24 Remove 112 forever No new targets introduced

5/31 Remove 109 forever Introduce 109 replacement

6/7 Remove 102 forever Introduce 102, 109 replacements

6/22, 6/28 Spawn 40-87 Introduce entire new set of targets (40-109)

7/5 Remove forever Only spawn new set of targets Notes:

  • The new 109 replacement will NOT drop Treasure Chests. We will not be adding Treasure Chests to the new targets. You can still earn Treasure Chests via Daily Campaigns.

  • We are still determining which of the new targets will have Blitz feature enabled. More news to come.

  • The existing level 40 and 47 Draconian Strongholds targets will remain Stronghold targets, although their name and World Map icon will be changed to match the Draconian Research Garrison, for conformity. These will be considered part of the new set as the entry-level targets and will remain viable for Punisher fleets. Difficulty in these targets may be retuned as part of an attempt to even out the difficulty curve.

Here's a list of targets that are being removed, what is replacing it, the recommended fleet to use for that target, and the payout for each target:

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