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Release Notes - 5/23/17

May 23, 2017

Greetings Captains!


This release includes a new faction-based TLC called Plunder. We will also be re-running a version of the Hyperion Rising time-limited campaign.


Let’s take a look!



Plunder TLC


A new faction-based TLC is available from 5/23 at noon PST to 5/29 at noon. Defeat Skirmish targets and attack NPC bases to earn the Ballistic Recoil Suppressor, the Emancipator Turret, and the limited Survivor hull. You must have Outpost 9 constructed to participate. Good luck, Captains!


  • 3 run-throughs

  • Encounters 4 & 6 of each runthrough are Conquerer targets (NPC bases); all other encounters are Skirmish targets.


Runthrough 1:

1-5 encounters, 6 hours


Prize Pack 1

Ballistic Recoil Suppressor


2x 24-hour structure build tokens


Runthrough 2:

1-6 encounters


Prize Pack 2

Emancipator Turret


3x Survivor 20k VXP tokens

4x 48-hour structure build tokens


Runthrough 3

1-7 encounters; Mastery (You may complete this run-through up to 5 times)*

*Each completed series of encounters will award one limited Survivor blueprint


Prize Pack 3

Survivor - Limited Forsaken Hull x1


1x Survivor 6-day build tokens


A special badge will be awarded for completion after completing all 5 Mastery rounds



Hyperion Rising Re-run

From Tuesday, 5/23 noon to Monday, 5/29 noon, we will be re-running the Hyperion Rising TLC for players to earn important Megaship tech.

Note that all of the prizes have been previously offered.

You must own a Mega Ship to start the campaign

  • Run through 1 (total of 2 encounters; second encounter is new) - 3 hours

  • Run through 2  (total of 2 encounters) - 1 hour

  • Run through 3 - (total of 3 encounters; last encounter is new) - 1 hour


  • Prize Pack 1:

    • Culverin Cannon Module Build Token (24 hour) x4

    • Titan Mortar Module Build Token (24 hour) x2

    • Congreve Rocket Module Blueprint

    • Congreve Rocket Module Build Token (24 hour) x2

  • Prize Pack 2:

    • Kinetic Engine Blueprint

    • Kinetic Engine Build Token (24 hour) x1

    • Pyro Engine Blueprint

    • Pyro Engine Build Token (24 hour) x1

  • Prize Pack 3:

    • Missile Strike Drone Module Blueprint

    • Missile Strike Drone Module Build Token (24 hour) x2

    • Exocet Missile Module Blueprint

    • Exocet Missile Module Build Token (24 hour) x2


Bug Fixes & Tuning

  • Fixed an issue where targets had their health reset after combat.

  • Fixed an issue where in rare occurrences the Gluttony would award negative VXP to other ships in the fleet. This issue only occurred when the healed ship finished combat with more health than when it started combat. 



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