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Release Notes - 6/14/17

Greetings, Captains!

This week’s release includes data for the upcoming June event - Cold War: Coup. We have also added a suite of player improvements.

Let’s take a look!


June Event -- Cold War: Coup

In a strange twist of events, Lord High Commander Vassago has commanded Greta Spader to halt her current tasks and refocus all Draconian research efforts on completing a secret research task called “Project 9”. But intel suggests that Greta is balking at these orders, and believes a move away from discovering the necessary research to compete with the other factions places the Draconians on weaker ground. Meanwhile, Zoe and her Legion continue to harass Research Garrisons in hopes of slowing the Draconian momentum… and stealing the next phase of technology for themselves. Get ready, Captains. Cold War: Coup begins June 15th!

Cold War: Coup is a hull store, featuring a plethora of technology to earn. Defeat Draconian Research Garrisons to earn points to redeem new technology, such as the Phoenix, Talon Missile, and Carbon Fiber casing. This Assault combo will be best utilized in the next event cycle.

The Vassago’s Pride, the first T6 Conqueror Flagship, will also be made available to escalate base attacking fleets to new heights.

For base defense, we are offering a T6 Defender class hull, the Justice. Paired with the Penance Cannon & Augmented Ballistic Armament, the Justice is the next step in base defense.

For more information check out the Event Briefing, here.

Player Improvements Suite We’ve added some small changes to the game that will hopefully make your experience in Battle Pirates that much better!

Dock Size Increase

Dock size has been increased from 120 to 130.

Share Builds

Players can now share their builds via a hashlink in the Shipyard! In the Shipyard, click the Share button.

This will open a window with Build Code. This is a long string of letters and numbers that contain the data for sharing your build with others!

You can copy the link by selecting Copy to Clipboard or by highlighting the whole string (CTRL+A or selecting the string with your mouse) and holding CTRL+C. You can then paste this string into the same Build Code window or via chat/PM with CTRL+V.

Clicking Load in the Build Window will then transfer this build to your shipyard, where you can continue to make edits and refits as you like!

Multi-place Component AKA Rubber Stamp Tool

When placing a component in a slot, you have the option of locking that component in a multi-place tool. Any viable slot that the component may be placed can now be done with the click of your mouse!

Simply place a component in a viable slot. This component will appear in the multi-place tool at the bottom right of your Shipyard window. Click the tool to lock in the component.

Once locked in, simply fill the slot with this component with a click of your mouse! The component must be placed in a valid slot.

PvP Improvements

we have made the following changes to certain components for the purpose of improving the PvP experience.

  • We have expanded the Chromium Overlay, Concussive Dampening, and Explosive Overlay effects to affect buildings.

  • We have increased Sonar Range for the UT-T Transformer from 100 to 390.

  • We have altered Splash Dispersion to also provide splash damage reduction for buildings.



Stay Frosty Captains!

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