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Release Notes - 6/28/17

This release includes a new faction-based time-limited campaign called Hunger.

The FM target transition continues this week.

Also: Be aware! Reaver Nav Relays have appeared in our sectors!

We have also reduced build times for certain components and are continuing to review build times overall.

Let's take a look!


Hunger (Reaver Faction TLC)

From 6/28 noon to 7/4 noon, defeat Garrison and NPC base targets to earn the Radium Reserves, Phlogiston Launcher, and the limited Incinerator. This campaign features three runthroughs with 5, 6, and 7 encounters respectively. Encounters 4 & 6 are base attacks. All other are Garrison targets.

The Mastery encounter may be completed five times to earn one limited blueprint per completion. Leave your Citadels at home, Captains… the Icebreaker is the key to success!


Level: 50+

Outpost 9

Prize Pack 1:

1-day structure build token x2

Radium Reserves (new turret special)

Prize Pack 2:

25k Incinerator VXP token x3

2-day structure build token x4

Phlogiston Launcher (new turret)

Prize Pack 3: (repeat up to 5)

6-day Incinerator build token x1

Incinerator - Limited Reaver Hull x1

Badge (rewarded after completing 5 Mastery runs)

Reaver Assault!

Attention, Captains! Reports that T7 Reaver Nav Relays have been reported in our sectors near Draconian Bases. Protect our territory as best you can and drive these interlopers back to where they came from!

Start Date: Wednesday, June 28th 2017 - 12PM PDT

End Date: Friday, June 30th 2017 - 11:59PM PDT (effectively, midnight)


-- These targets are similar to T7 Assault target scheduled for July. -- No retreating and no cooperative attacks allowed! -- Successfully defeating a Reaver Assault Force will award a Treasure Chest. -- Loot from the Treasure Chest is random but may include Ship build tokens for the Justice & Vassago’s Pride, Structure Build Tokens, Base Parts, Phoenix VXP tokens, Superhull shards (Proto Nem; Ghostcrawler, Hellwraith, etc.), and/or Titanium.

Bug fixes & tuning

  • Fixed an issue where users were able to move their fleets away from an engaged target on the World Map.

The following components have had their build times reduced, based on your feedback. We expect to perform further reductions to other components in the coming weeks.

  • Talon Missile: TTB reduced from 15h 19m 12s to 7h 39m 36s

  • Frontline Countermeasure System: TTB reduced from 1d 18h 33m 39s to 21h 16m 49s

  • Zynthonite Armor D5-M: TTB reduced from 1d 22h to 1d

  • Fusion Charger: TTB reduced from 2d 5h 57m 11s to 1d 2h 58m 35s

  • Siege Battery I: TTB reduced from 12h 46m 6s to 6h 23m 3s

  • Siege Battery II: TTB reduced from 1d 1h 32m 12s to 12h 46m 6s

  • Siege Battery III: TTB reduced from 1d 18h 33m 40s to 21h 16m 50s

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