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Battle Pirates Release Notes - 7/6/17

Greetings, Captains! This release includes the Skyfire time-limited campaign and a rerun of the Endgame TLC. FM targets complete their transition this week. Let’s take a look! ---------------------- Skyfire TLC From Thursday, 7/6 to Wednesday, 7/12, use your Monoliths, Icebreakers, and Citadels to defeat Garrison targets in the Skyfire TLC. Earn the coveted Skyfire Carrier, Banded Hornet UAV, and UAV Targeting Circuitry. The Skyfire Carrier is the most powerful auto-hull yet, and the preferred hull for high-end targets in the upcoming Glowing Sea event cycle. Good luck, Captains! Start Date: Thursday, July 6th 2017 - 12PM PST End Date: Wednesday, July 12th 2017 - 11:59PM PST (effectively, midnight) Level: 50+ Prize Pack 1 Banded Hornet UAV (Skyfire T6 Weapon) ​

​ Prize Pack 2 Skyfire Carrier Hull Blueprint ​

​ Skyfire Carrier 1-day build token x2 Skyfire Carrier small VXP token x5 Prize Pack 3 UAV Targeting Circuitry

​ Skyfire Carrier 1-day build token x10 Skyfire Carrier medium VXP tokens x5 Endgame TLC Re-run Take part in Endgame, featuring the Draconians. Starting July 5th, use Rhinos or Apollos to defeat Assault forces to earn the Oppressor, a Conqueror hull best suited for other Faction TLCs. Prize Pack 1 Fuel Tank O1-X - Draconian base special Prize Pack 2 Explosive Turret D99-S - Draconian turret Prize Pack 3 Oppressor - Limited Draconian Hull x1 Oppressor 6-day build token Oppressor 25000 VXP token Forsaken Mission Target Transition The final transition of FM targets to the World Map completes this week. It should be noted that we will not be automatically wiping the remaining old FM targets from the World Map when the FM starts. Spawning for these targets has been turned off, so either defeat the older targets to clear them from the World Map or ignore them and they will eventually reap. Bug fixes & tuning Fixed an issue where targets would incorrectly reap from the World Map after combat Fixed an issue where the countdown timer for the Hunger campaign would fail to display Resized the Phoenix hull to be a bit bigger on the World Map Fixed an issue where ships are being re-shrouded in the level 113 FM target Fixed an issue where countermeasures were firing too late at enemy projectiles Fixed an issue where the remote targeting ring would fail to display for dual weapons

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