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Release Notes - 7/18/17

Greeting, Captains! This release includes new tech for the Forsaken Mission, info on the upcoming VXP weekend, and a re-run of the Call to Arms TLC. Let’s take a look. ---------------------- Forsaken Mission - New Prizes New FM content is available now. Earn the Hedgehog Mortar & the Delta-V Mortar Focus special to increase your PvP power. Or earn the Heavy Lance Missile & G-COM Amalgam Armor, perfect tech for empowering the Empyrean. We have decreased the difficulty in the level 82 & 88 FM targets based on data regarding these targets. You may notice some slight changes to these two templates. We've added some non-combat structures to aid with the pathing while on auto, and should not affect damage output of this target. We've also locked the entry position of these two targets to ensure a more consistent experience each time. Overall, the damage should be noticeably lower. Good luck, Captains! Prize Pack 5 Hedgehog Mortar (PvP Weapon) ​

​ Delta-V Mortar Focus (PvP Special) ​

​ Heavy Lance Missile (Heavy Empyrean Weapon) ​

​ Prize Pack 4 G-COM Amalgam Armor (Empyrean Special) ​

​ Empyrean Generalist Hull Blueprint July VXP Weekend Friday, 6/23 - Monday, 6/26 (9am - 9am). Unidentified Raiders Fleet 55 (Reaver Armada style target) will spawn the entire time. Salvage and Elite targets will have 2x VXP payout the whole time. Unidentified Raiders Fleets 100 (July Elite target) will only spawn for the first 24 hours, from Fri, 9am - Sat, 9am. Call to Arms rerun The Call to Arms TLC returns Tuesday, July 18th. Use the Citadel to earn the Monolith blueprint, build tokens, and VXP tokens, which will help prepare your fleets for the new FM Garrison targets. Prize Pack 1 Monolith Hull Combat Mortar O/U-10 High Yield Warheads Monolith 1-day build token x 5 Prize Pack 2 Siege Mortar D85-D Precision Napalm Detonator Monolith 1-day build token x 10 Prize Pack 3 Monolith 1-day build token x15 Monolith 6,500 VXP tokens x8 Prize Pack 4 Gridiron’s Monolith Hull Gridiron’s Monolith 1-day build tokens x10 Gridiron’s Monolith 6,500 VXP tokens x5 Bug fixes & tuning Corrosive charged armor now displays its defensive stats within the Shipyard and the Dock Research Garrison no longer displays as a Co-Op target Fixed cloaking logic for hulls with the “Cloak Efficiency” stat

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