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Release Notes - 7/25/17

Greetings Captains, This week you have 4 different TLCs to choose from: Skyfire TLC - for 2 weeks Hyperion Rising TLC - for 1 week Call to Arms: Icebreaker TLC - for 1 week Hunger TLC - 5 days This week you are going to have plenty of events to choose from. If you don’t have Skyfire’s yet this is your opportunity to get ready for the August Lost Continent Event. If you are starting your Rival’s Collection you can pick up Incinerator from the Hunger TLC. If you already own a mega ship and are looking for more blueprints then Hyperion Rising is the TLC for you. Let’s take a look. ------------------- Skyfire TLC

Skyfire TLC returns, for 2 weeks! From Wednesday, 7/26 at noon PDT to Wednesday, 8/9 at midnight (11:59pm PDT) right before next event, use your Monoliths, Icebreakers, and Citadels to defeat Garrison targets in the Skyfire TLC. Earn the coveted Skyfire Carrier, Banded Hornet UAV, and UAV Targeting Circuitry. The Skyfire Carrier is the most powerful auto-hull yet, and the preferred hull for high-end targets in the upcoming Glowing Sea event cycle. Prizes: Prize Pack 1 Skyfire Carrier Hull Blueprint Skyfire Carrier small VXP token x1 Prize Pack 2 Banded Hornet UAV (Skyfire T6 Weapon) Skyfire Carrier 1-day build token x2 Skyfire Carrier small VXP token x5 Prize Pack 3 UAV Targeting Circuitry Skyfire Carrier 1-day build token x10 Skyfire Carrier medium VXP tokens x5 Hyperion Rising TLC

​ Captain! The Hyperion Rising campaign is available from Tuesday, July 25th at noon to Tuesday, Aug 1st at noon. Use your Mega Ship to win module blueprints and tokens that will upgrade your modules. You must own a Mega Ship to start the campaign Run through 1 (total of 2 encounters) - 3 hours Run through 2 (total of 2 encounters) - 1 hour Run through 3 - (total of 3 encounters) - 1 hour Prizes Prize Pack 1: Culverin Cannon Module Build Token (24 hour) x4 Titan Mortar Module Build Token (24 hour) x2 Congreve Rocket Module LVI 1 Day Congreve Rocket Build Token x 2 Kinetic Engine Blueprint Kinetic Engine Build Token (24 hour) x1 Prize Pack 2: Kinetic Engine Blueprint Kinetic Engine Build Token (24 hour) x1 Congreve Rocket Module Blueprint Congreve Rocket Module Build Token (24 hour) x2 Pyro Engine Blueprint Pyro Engine Build Token (24 hour) x1 Prize Pack 3: Missile Strike Drone Module Blueprint Missile Strike Drone Module Build Token (24 hour) x2 Exocet Missile Module Blueprint Exocet Missile Module Build Token (24 hour) x2 Call to Arms: Icebreaker TLC

​ The Call to Arms: Icebreaker TLC starts Tuesday July 25 at noon and runs through Tuesday August 1st at noon. Use the Citadel to earn the Icebreaker blueprint, Vassago's Icebreaker blueprint, Charged Armors, build tokens, and VXP tokens, which will help prepare your fleets for the new FM Garrison targets. The first runthrough will contain 4 targets, and increase to 7 targets by runthrough 4. Runthrough 1 and 2 will feature targets from the Cold War event cycle B set and Runthrough 3 and 4 will feature the same targets as the first Call to Arms TLC Prize Pack 1 Siege Rockets D100-S (Tier 6 Icebreaker Weapon) Garrison Battery Mk-X (Tier 6 Icebreaker Special) Icebreaker 1-day build token x 3 Prize Pack 2 Icebreaker Hull Siege Rockets D100-V (Tier 6.5 Icebreaker Weapon) Fulmination Payload ((Tier 6.5 Icebreaker Special) Icebreaker 1-day build token x 5 Prize Pack 3 Icebreaker 1-day build token x10 Icebreaker 6500 VXP tokens x8 1x Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-X Prize Pack 4 Vassago’s Icebreaker Vassago’s Icebreaker 1-day build tokens x10 Vassago’s Icebreaker 6500 VXP tokens x2 4x Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-X Icebreaker 1-day build token x5 Hunger (Reaver Faction TLC)

​ From 7/28 at noon PDT to 8/1 at noon PDT defeat Garrison and NPC base targets to earn the Radium Reserves, Phlogiston Launcher, and the limited Incinerator. This campaign features three runthroughs with 5, 6, and 7 encounters respectively. Encounters 4 & 6 are base attacks. All other are Garrison targets. The Mastery encounter may be completed five times to earn one limited blueprint per completion. Leave your Citadels at home, Captains… the Icebreaker is the key to success! Requirements: Level: 50+ Outpost 9 Prize Pack 1 Radium Reserves 1-day structure build token x2 Prize Pack 2 Phlogiston Launcher 25k Incinerator VXP token x3 2-day structure build token x4 Prize Pack 3 Incinerator 6-day build token Badge Bug Fixes and Tuning Some users were not able to view their Daily Deals. This issue has been fixed. There was an issue where hulls could not target enemy buildings in Draconian Uranium Bases. This has been fixed.

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