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Rivals - Bloodthirst & Rivals Aura Clarifications

Howdy Folks, I know there has been confusion with the launch of Inquisitor, and the auras of these ships, as well as their existing Bloodthirst abilities, so let me clarify a few things. TL;DR: Bloodthirst bonuses only effect the ship generating them, Rival Aura's effect all other Rival's including itself. Rival Hulls: Liberator

ppressor Survivor Incinerator Inquisitor Rivals Bloodthirst

  • Each time a ship with "Rivals - Bloodthirst" makes a kill, all ships with "Rivals - Bloodthirst" gains a stack.

  • This ability ONLY effects the ship generating it.

  • These ability increase with each stack to a max of 20 which is described in the blue print.

Rival Auras

  • Each of the Rival ships produces an aura which effects all other rivals in the fleet (example: Incinerator grants +1500 Corrosive Deflection)

  • The ship that generates this aura is also affected by it. (example: each rival hull in a fleet with an Incinerator gets +1500 Corrosive Deflection, including the Incinerator generating this aura)

  • Having two of the same same ship does not double this bonus. (Example: 2 Incinerators in your fleet will only grant +1500 Corrosive Deflection to other rivals in the fleet)

Points of confusion:

  • Blood Thirst reads as Duplicate Aura Stack of 5, and Field of Effect Type: Friendly. That is because that is how the stacks are generated for this feature. I am seeing what I can do to get the blue prints to be more clear.

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