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Official 8/16 Release Notes

Howdy Captains! We have an exciting update for you this week! We have updated the reward for the Forsaken Missions, and after hearing your feedback we have reduced the number of rewards in Prize Pools 4 and 5! Starting Friday 8/18 at 9 am, running until Monday 8/21 at 9am, will be our VXP Weekend. We are also re-running the Legion Faction TLC, Homeland which will allow you earn one of our Rival Conqueror Hulls (link Rival Hull Info) the Liberator. We are also updating the Retrofit lab with additional tech, and adding a chance for Glowing Nav Relay 85 targets to drop Caedes shards. VXP Weekend Info: Need to rank up your hulls? This is the event for you! We have heard your feedback from the last event, and the 103 Targets are once more spawning for the first 36 hours of the event. Unidentified Raiders Fleet 55 (Reaver Armada style target) will spawn the entire time. Salvage and Elite targets will have 2x VXP payout the whole time. Unidentified Raiders Fleets 103 (August new Elite target) will only spawn for the first 36 hours, from Fri, 9am - Sat, 9pm. New to VXP weekends get more info here Forsaken Mission Update: We have heard your feedback about the FM and the number of prizes in the higher prize pools, and they have been reduced: Prize Pool 4 reduced from 33 items to 24 items Prize Pool 5 reduced from 50 to 33 items Prize Pool 4 Alloy Armor CoM ​

Prize Pool 5 Polistes UAV ​

​ UAV Upgrade ​

​ Manus Missile ​

​ Advanced Optical Tracking ​

​ Homeland TLC re-run ​

​ Start Time: 8/15/2017 12:00pm PDT End time: 8/21/2017 12:00pm PDT Must have Outpost 9 to participate. There have been no changes to this campaign or the prize list. Prizes: SSKP Enhancement Hyena Missile Turret Liberator Run 1: SSKP Enhancement - turret special 2x 1-day structure build tokens Run 2: Hyena Missile Turret 1x Liberator VXP token (25k VXP) Run 3 (Mastery; repeat up to 5 times): 1x Liberator (Limited Legion Hull) 1x 6-day Liberator build token Retrofit Lab Update! We are adding new higher tier items to the Retrofit shop. For the first time we are adding Tier 6 tech to the Retrofit Lab! If you are in need of Uranium for your Retrofit Lab be on the lookout Reaver Armadas. Group Name tier Affecting stats Munition Systems Armor Piercing Shells t4 Ballistic Damage Munition Systems Seismic Rounds t5 Ballistic Damage Munition Systems Drum Reloaders t5 Ballistic Damage Munition Systems Cannon System IV t5 Ballistic Damage Corrosive Modifications Compressed Corrosion Canisters t5 Corrosive Damage Corrosive Modifications Narrowed Firing Aperture t6 Corrosive Damage Corrosive Modifications Hydroxide Injector t5 Corrosive Damage Mortar Systems Enervated Explosives t6 Spread Mortar Systems Precision Napalm Detonator t6 Fire Field Mortar Systems Delta-V Mortar Focus t6 Projectile Speed Mortar Systems Trajectory Plotter t5 Projectile Speed Radioactive Systems Viscosity Regulator t5 Radioactive Damage, Radioactive accuracy Radioactive Systems Atomic Targeting t5 Radioactive Damage, Radioactive accuracy Rocket Load Systems Expanded Fulmination Payload t6 Rocket Reload Rocket Load Systems Compressed Exhaust Vent t5 Rocket Reload Multi Barrel Systems Blight Acid Clusters t6 Scatter Gun Reload CM Alloy Strengthening alloy panels cm t5 Ballistic defense, penetrating defense XM Alloy Strengthening alloy panels xm t5 Explosive defense, Penetrating defense MR Alloy Strengthening alloy panels mr t5 Radioactive defense, Penetrating defense CoM Alloy Strengthening alloy panels com t5

Corrosive defense, Penetrating defense Caedes Shards Starting with The Lost Continent you were able to start collecting shards for the Caedes blueprint. Glowing Nav-Relay level 85 Targets will now have a rare chance to drop a Caedes shard.

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