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Update Notes 8/25

Howdy Captains! This week we have an exciting event for you! We are introducing our new PvP event, Bounty! Which will allow you to attack other Bounty participants and claim part of their Bounty (similar to event points). At the end of the event you will be able to spend your bounty in an event style store. The top prize is going to be the new defender hull, Courage. We have two additional ways for you defend yourself as well. We are introducing a new feature known as Channel Defenses, which will allow you build structures to help protect your water ways. We are also adding new turrets to the retrofit lab! In addition we have changed the instant repair costs for your base. It will now be equal to the building with the longest repair, which will lead to a reduction in instant repair costs. ---- Bounty Season 1 Bounty is here! Running from Friday, 8/25 @ Noon - Tuesday, 8/29 @ Noon. Once you activate Bounty your Outpost will begin to generate Bounty. You can also steal Bounty by attacking the bases of players with more unsecured Bounty than you. For more information on how Bounty works, check out our overview article here. <--- Click Link for More Info Changes while opted in to Bounty: Second Repair Queue for Conqueror only (No Defenders) If your shipyard is destroyed it will not pause your ship builds Instant Repair costs will be 50% of the building with the longest repair time. New Items: Courage - Defender Hull ​

​ ​

​ Insurrection Launcher ​

​ Fission Fuel Node: ​

​ Concussive Belt ​

​ Axiom Chain Gun: ​

​ At the end of the Bounty event you will have 72 Hours to spend your Bounty in the new store. Bounty Store Prices: Items Priced at 750 Bounty: 12 Hour Ship Build Tokens (max 1) Glacial Launcher Turret EMP Blast Cryo Trigger U-T:T Transformer Splash Dispersion System II Solar Reinforcements Viscosity Regulator Atomic Focus Concussive Dampening Overlay Explosive Overlay Items Priced at 1425 Bounty Insurrection Launcher (Courage Weapon) Fission Fuel Node (Courage Special) Axiom Chaingun Turret (Concussive) Concussive Belt (Turret Special) Item Priced at 5700 Bounty: Justice Prestige Skin (NOTE: This is just the Justice skin, and not the blueprint) Item Priced at 12150 Bounty: 1 x Courage Limited Hull Blueprints Item Priced at 20048 Bounty 2 x Courage Limited Hull Blueprints Limit of owning 2 courages total` Channel Defenses We are adding a new way for you to be able to protect your base with the latest update, Channel Defenses! These are new features you can add to your base, which you will place across two water tiles connected to the land on either side. Channel Defenses come in two parts: The portal which operates like a defense platform, and the trap. Portals will require a one-time Uranium Titanium cost, in addition to basic resources and time. And Traps, which have their own unique properties. All upgrade times can be reduced using base parts. ​

​ ​

​ Portal Alone With this release we are introducing the first Trap: The Great Rampart! ​

​ The Great Rampart This will be researchable through The Advanced Lab, Portals: Portals may have multiple armor, turret and TacMod slots on them. You will need to get a blueprint for each Trap type. You can swap Traps exactly as you swap turrets with a resource and build time cost. ​

​ Portals can equip Turrets as well as Traps. Traps: Each trap has a has a primary mechanic, and may apply bonus to turrets, armor, or TacMods attached to their portal. Traps come in two broad types: Barriers and Sandtraps. A Barrier must be completely destroyed before an enemy ship may pass. Sandtraps greatly reduce the speed of the attacking ships in their area of effect, but may be bypassed. The First Trap (It will be named The Great Rampart on the live server) That is Channel Defenses folks! How is this going to change your base layouts? ----------- Retrofit Lab Update - Turrets This week we are adding more items to the retrofit lab to help you upgrade your turrets, and turret panels. Turret Panels: Group Name Tier CM Alloy Strengthening 5 XM Alloy Strengthening 5 MR Alloy Strengthening 5 CoM Alloy Strengthening 5 Turrets: Group Name Names Tier High Caliber Platforms Emancipator Turret 6 Shotgun Platforms Blunderbuss 5 Chaingun Platforms Maxim Gun Turret 5 Chaingun Platforms Minigun Turret 5.5 Chaingun Platforms Axiom Chaingun Turret 6 Acid Thrower Platforms Venom Spitter 6 Rocket X Platforms Explosive Turret D99-S 6 Molten Mortar Platforms Cataclysm Mortar 6 Cunning Predator Platforms Hyena Missile Turret 6 Rapid Fire Platforms Phlogiston Launcher 6 ----- Bug and Fixes Fixed an issue where an achievement was put in the Badges section of the Profile Fixed an issue where users were unable to select a badge Fixed an issue where some users were unable to log into the game due to an SOS

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