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8/30 Update Notes

August 30, 2017

Howdy Captains!

This week we are releasing a new Call to Arms: Monolith Campaign and TLC “Titans Unleashed” for our Mega Ship owners. We are also bringing back the Skyfire TLC, and Call to Arms: Icebreaker.


NEW: Call to Arms: Monolith

This new Campaign rewards Blueprints for the Monolith Hull,  The new tier 6.5 weapon Siege Mortar D85-D, and Special Precision Napalm Detonator, as well the Flagship Gridiron’s

Monolith!  Running from 8/30 at 12:00 PM Noon PST to 9/13 at 11:59PM PST.

Siege Mortar D85-D

Precision Napalm Detonator

Prize Pack 1:

Monolith Hull

Siege Mortar D85-D

Precision Napalm Detonator

Prize Pack 2:

3x Monolith 1-Day Build Tokens

4x Monolith Medium VXP Tokens

Prize Pack 3

5x Monolith 1-Day Build Tokens

Gridiron’s Monolith Hull

5x Gridiron’s Monolith 1-Day Build Tokens

5x Gridiron’s Monolith Medium VXP Tokens


New: Titans Unleashed

From 2pm PDT August 30 to Noon PDT on September 5th, we will be running our new TLC for Mega Ship Owners.  Through the course of this Campaign you will be able to earn additional Mega Modules as well as Tokens.  You will also see recommended modules list in each run through for assistance.


Must own a mega ship.
Must destroy the enemy 100% to earn the prizes at the end of each run


Run Through 1:

Kinetic Engine Module

Kinetic Engine Build Token

Run Through 2:

Congreve Rocket Module

Pyro Engine Module

Congreve Rocket Build Token

Run Through 3:

Missile Strike Drone Module

Missile Strike Drone Token

Drone Bridge

Run Through 4:

Exocet Missile

Pyro Engine Token

Drone Bridge Token

Missile Token

Skyfire TLC

Skyfire TLC returns, for 2 weeks! From 8/28/17 at 2PM PST  to 9/13/17 at 11:59 PM PST, use your Monoliths, Icebreakers, and Citadels to defeat Garrison targets in the Skyfire TLC. Earn the coveted Skyfire Carrier, Banded Hornet UAV, and UAV Targeting Circuitry. The Skyfire Carrier is the most powerful auto-hull yet.


Prize Pack 1

Skyfire Carrier Hull Blueprint

Banded Hornet UAV (Skyfire T6 Weapon)
Prize Pack 2

Skyfire Carrier 1-day build token x2

Skyfire Carrier small VXP token x5

Prize Pack 3

UAV Targeting Circuitry

Skyfire Carrier 1-day build token x10

Skyfire Carrier medium VXP tokens x5


Call to Arms:  Icebreaker TLC

The Call to Arms: Icebreaker TLC starts Tuesday 8/29/17 at 2:00PM PST and runs through  Wednesday 9/13/17 11:59PM PST.  Use the Citadel to earn the Icebreaker blueprint, Vassago's Icebreaker blueprint, Charged Armors, build tokens, and VXP tokens, which will help prepare your fleets for the new FM Garrison targets.

The first runthrough will contain 4 targets, and increase to 7 targets by runthrough 4. Runthrough 1 and 2 will feature targets from the Cold War event cycle B set and Runthrough 3 and 4 will feature the same targets as the first Call to Arms TLC

Prize Pack 1

Siege Rockets D100-S (Tier 6 Icebreaker Weapon)

Garrison Battery Mk-X (Tier 6 Icebreaker Special)

Icebreaker 1-day build token x 3

Prize Pack 2

Icebreaker Hull

Siege Rockets D100-V (Tier 6.5 Icebreaker Weapon)

Fulmination Payload ((Tier 6.5 Icebreaker Special)

Icebreaker 1-day build token x 5

Prize Pack 3

Icebreaker 1-day build token x10

Icebreaker 5000 VXP tokens x8

1x Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-M

Prize Pack 4

Vassago’s Icebreaker

Vassago’s Icebreaker 1-day build tokens x10

Vassago’s Icebreaker 5000 VXP tokens x2

2x Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-M

Icebreaker 1-day build token x5


Bug Fixes and Tuning

Fixed an issue where images were not appearing in NPC base combat

Fixed an issue where the Forsaken Mission wasn’t recognizing which items a player already had

Fixed an issue where users were not able to build a Hellstar

Fixed an issue where Ship Storage was displayed incorrectly for some users

Fixed an issue where users couldn’t engage in NPC campaign combat







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